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Want Better Sleep?


Sleep is so profoundly important. People seem to be willing to trade it for anything else. We avoid it like we owe it money and it’s the only thing that can heal us. We also seem to want to blame everything else for our health problems. People want to look at food and look for a pill to fix our health problems. Cut. It. Out.

Why You Should Be Camping For A Living

camping for a living

I had a long busy shift at my EMS job the other day. I was reminded of the pleasures of having a demanding stressful job full time. For the whole day I was able to put my whole life on the back burner and not worry about my problems and it was fun. I theorized this might be why we live our lives in such high chronic stress mode.

21 Day Stress Relief Challenge

stress relief

Do as much of this as you can in the next 21 days and see if your stress improves. Got any more to add that works for you? Please let me know. And keep track of everything you do from this challenge in the next 21 days and let me know how it works for you. What’s your stress out of 10 before and after?

Stress Relief

stress relief

Stress can be described using a scenario where say you are walking from your igloo and you see a giant polar bear growling at you. Your heart rate increases, blood pressure goes up, blood vessels expand, muscles are being fed energy from fuels that are being made from stored fats, your respiratory drive goes up, you sweat to keep cool because you’re about to exert yourself, your blood thickens to clot faster than normal, you produce inflammatory chemicals to activate your immune cells to start mobilizing for tissue repair, your attention centre in your brain lights up; it’s a massive change in your system.

Chronic Mental Stress


Stress is one of the biggest obstacles in fitness and health and it is the number one cause of workplace absenteeism all over the world. Ironically, work is the major cause of stress. The Japanese actually have a term, “karoushi”, which defines death due to workplace stress.