Personal Trainer and Dietician

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A personal trainer is an expert who helps you achieve your goals through exercise and nutrition. A dietician is a healthcare professional who specializes in nutrition. Find out what they do and why they’re important!

A personal trainer helps people achieve their fitness goals by providing training sessions. A personal trainer will help people achieve their fitness goals through exercise and nutrition.

A dietitian specializes in nutrition and health issues. A dietitian is registered by the government and specializes in nutrition. Both professionals work together to help clients lose weight, maintain healthy eating habits, and to help clients reach their goals.

Personal Trainer

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Personal trainers are experts in helping clients reach their health and fitness goals. They work closely with clients to develop an individualized plan that includes helping them understand how to eat right and get active with different forms of exercise, and lifestyle changes. They also provide guidance on proper training techniques and exercises.

Personal training is an effective way to get fitter and lose weight. Whether you are looking to tone up, build muscle, burn fat or simply maintain your current level of fitness, a personal trainer can help you reach your goal.

Improve your health and wellbeing

Lose weight and keep it off

Gain confidence and self-esteem

Stay motivated and focused


Customize workouts

Set goals

Track progress


Exercise Physiologist

Certified Personal Trainer

Fitness Consultant

Customise your workout plan

Get expert advice on diet and nutrition

Work towards your goals


Get results faster

Stay motivated

Learn how to eat healthy

Benefits of A Personal Trainer and Dietition

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  1. Nutritionists know what foods are healthy and which ones aren’t. They can tell if you need more protein, carbs, fats, etc.
  2. Exercise physiologists know how to design workouts that target specific areas of the body.
  3. Certified personal trainers have been trained to teach others how to do things correctly.
  4. Fitness consultants know how to motivate people to stick with an exercise program.


A nutritionist is someone who specializes in the study of food and its effects on human health. A nutritionist may specialize in any number of fields including sports nutrition, medical nutrition therapy, clinical nutrition, or even public health nutrition. In order to become a certified nutritionist, a person must complete a bachelor’s degree program in nutrition at a university. After graduation, they must then pass a certification exam administered by the governing body in their province.

Personal Trainer

personal trainer edmonton

A personal trainer is a professional who helps people achieve their fitness goals. To become a personal trainer, a person must have a certification in personal training which requires an exam administered by the governing body in their province.


Dietitians are professionals who help people eat healthier. To become a dietitian, a person must first earn a bachelor’s degree in nutrition. Then, after graduating, they must pass a certification exam administered either by the governing body in their province.

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