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Should You Be Taking Whey Protein?

I have boycotted whey protein for years now. I am discovering this might be the wrong thing to do. Back in the day I used to use whey protein isolate. Isolate means they took almost all the fat out of the milk and it has a higher percentage of protein. Whey was the way to go for bodybuilding because it was a complete protein and had all 9 or I think in those days it was only 8 essential amino acids. Essential meaning our bodies don’t produce them and we have to take them in with diet.

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Is Your Food Produced By A Super Villain?

Last week I wrote an article talking about how 50% of articles written are 100% bullshit. I didn’t mention in that article how many studies are also crap. I have heard about half the studies are also skewed to prove a product. One of my clients is a pediatrician who studied this exact topic while getting her PhD. When I asked her what percentage of studies are false, all she said was, “A lot.” and chuckled.

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Is Coconut Oil Bad For You?

I have been posting anti-vaxx articles on F-book. The truth is I am not really antivaccine; I am really just pro-health. I spent 11 years working as an EMT and stomach problems are the most common issue we see coming into the ER. About 50% of those leave the hospital undiagnosed and treated with pain killers. I have seen the overuse of antibiotics on myself and others, the bubble packs full of meds for old people and some not so old people, and the abuse of pain meds.

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My Favorite Pre-Workout

I want to tell you about the greatest pre-workout I have ever discovered. First, I am going to bash all other pre-workout crap. The first pre-workout I ever took was ephedrine with caffeine and ASA stack. I quickly got addicted to this stack. There is nothing good for you in this stack. They all have side effects. The ephedrine and caffeine don’t let you sleep the ephedrine as well has a history of causing heart problems.  ASA causes leaky gut syndrome.

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Sunshine, Outdoors, and Everything Great!

Dammit! We only have a few weeks left of summer. Make the most out of this time right now. Get outside and enjoy the weather while we still have some nice sunshine! I want to talk about how beneficial the sun is along with nature and being outside in general.

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The Rules of Weight Lifting

Today I want to talk about the rules of lifting weights. There are only 2 but they are 2 very important rules to follow or you can easily end up with permanent damage to your body. I feel the need to talk about them because most of the people in the gym don’t know how to lift properly and it’s hard to watch people that are putting in so much effort to do something good for themselves just to be doing something damaging. I want people to reap the rewards of this lifestyle in the same way that I have.

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Cardio is pretty simple unless you want to activate particular energy systems. In which case you need to know a few things. I’ll get into that in a bit but I will start with the basics. There is steady state training which is going for a jog, or using a piece of cardio equipment set at a specific speed, or other cardio that doesn’t change intensity. For optimization, you want to do about 30 minutes, at 80% of you perceived maximum intensity with maximum being all out like sprinting as fast as you can. 80% should be as fast as you can for the whole 30 minutes without having to take a break. Of course you will start out with less intensity and going for less time and work your way up.

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Rack Of Lamb

What’s With Red Meat??

There are so many reasons why red meat is bad for you. Let me rephrase that… There are so many reasons why commercially raised red meat is bad for you. Now, I have never talked to a commercial meat producer. I have to disclaim this. I don’t know what your local meat producers are up to. The information here comes form many articles I have read over the years from doctors that do research. However, be skeptical of your local producers because in big business everyone wants to cut costs.

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Ya, why not? No worry, chicken curry.

The most prominent issue I deal with as a personal trainer is stress. People are so stressed out in North America compared to other places I’ve seen. In other parts of the world they still have siesta; there is scaffolding everywhere because, “They will do it tomorrow.” The most common saying I heard in Thailand was, “Ya, why not?” and “No worry, chicken curry.”

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Would You Like A Plan To Achieve Your Fitness Goals?

I have many suggestions and resources to help improve health and fitness. If you are interested in a personal trainer in Edmonton, it would be my pleasure, to give you an opportunity to spend an hour with me to make a plan for your health and fitness. 

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Get a Health and Fitness Plan!

What you will get is a 60-minute coaching session one on one with the only holistic personal trainer in Edmonton to make a plan for your health and fitness. You can ask me any questions you want during the coaching session. During this session you will get:

– a plan that’s specific to your needs.

– an exercise plan.

– nutrition advice.

– the exact diet I get all my clients to start with and the resources to enable you to start right away.

– learn what nutrient deficiencies are the most common and what to do about them.

– learn how to bust through all kinds of health and fitness plateaus naturally.

– all kinds of resources where I get my knowledge.

Increase your energy, looks, and physical capabilities to improve your confidence, which spills over into every aspect of your life. Be an overachiever by learning the life hacks overachievers use. Become someone you envy and live a happier more positive lifestyle. Hire the best personal trainer in Edmonton!

I wish you lots of health, love and happiness!

Travis Wade

The only holistic personal trainer in Edmonton.

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