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The Best Pre Workout and Post Workout Meal

Back in the day the best pre workout and post workout were pretty straight forward. We used carbohydrates for energy and would bring fast acting carbs in the form of sugar to the gym with us to get us through the workout. That was in the days before the ketogenic diet craze. Now pre workout and post workout are a little more complicated. Some people do really well burning fats for energy and others don’t. 


My Segment On CTV

I went on CTV again the other day. It was a bit short notice, so I randomly picked how to do a proper squat because I see them being done incorrectly on a regular basis and this can end with permanent damage to the body. I was very nervous, so I had my friend Stephanie come support me and help me demonstrate a proper squat. After the segment was over I thought it went terrible. I thought I rambled off topic and sounded lame. I saw the replay of the segment and it wasn’t nearly as bad as I first thought. Have a look at it here:

My Favorite Pre-Workout

I want to tell you about the greatest pre-workout I have ever discovered. First, I am going to bash all other pre-workout crap. The first pre-workout I ever took was ephedrine with caffeine and ASA stack. I quickly got addicted to this stack. There is nothing good for you in this stack. They all have side effects. The ephedrine and caffeine don’t let you sleep the ephedrine as well has a history of causing heart problems.  ASA causes leaky gut syndrome.

The Rules of Weight Lifting

Today I want to talk about the rules of lifting weights. There are only 2 but they are 2 very important rules to follow or you can easily end up with permanent damage to your body. I feel the need to talk about them because most of the people in the gym don’t know how to lift properly and it’s hard to watch people that are putting in so much effort to do something good for themselves just to be doing something damaging. I want people to reap the rewards of this lifestyle in the same way that I have.

The Warm Up

Heat up the body with your choice of method. If you`re using a cardio machine the intensity should be low and you should have a sweat going for at least a couple minutes before your done. Then I like mobilization to increase the range of motion. Mobilization is a form of dynamic stretching. Never do static stretching before an activity; static stretching (holding stretches) is good for a cool down after your workout.