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The Best Pre Workout and Post Workout Meal

Back in the day the best pre workout and post workout were pretty straight forward. We used carbohydrates for energy and would bring fast acting carbs in the form of sugar to the gym with us to get us through the workout. That was in the days before the ketogenic diet craze. Now pre workout and post workout are a little more complicated. Some people do really well burning fats for energy and others don’t. 

Is Your Food Produced By A Super Villain?

Last week I wrote an article talking about how 50% of articles written are 100% bullshit. I didn’t mention in that article how many studies are also crap. I have heard about half the studies are also skewed to prove a product. One of my clients is a pediatrician who studied this exact topic while getting her PhD. When I asked her what percentage of studies are false, all she said was, “A lot.” and chuckled.

The Rules of Weight Lifting

Today I want to talk about the rules of lifting weights. There are only 2 but they are 2 very important rules to follow or you can easily end up with permanent damage to your body. I feel the need to talk about them because most of the people in the gym don’t know how to lift properly and it’s hard to watch people that are putting in so much effort to do something good for themselves just to be doing something damaging. I want people to reap the rewards of this lifestyle in the same way that I have.

How to Manipulate Your Hormones for Fitness and Health

I hate to say it but your doctor isn’t going to take good care of you. They will do their job to keep you alive and feeling ok and some of them will put in the extra effort to do a good job. They will not keep you at optimum health; that costs money. It’s not a concern if you are overweight and they will likely think you just need to stay away from the cheeseburgers or something. Your doctor isn’t going to tell you the stuff I’m about to tell you here.

Want Better Mental Clarity With More Energy and Less Stress?

If you haven’t heard of Dr. Mercola yet, then let me introduce you. Dr. Joseph Mercola is highly respected in the functional medicine world. Functional medicine is where they look at the root cause of medical issues and try to fix the root cause of something. One analogy is “Do you have anxiety because you have a lack of Ativan in your body?” Instead of giving you a prescription, which they might do for immediate alleviation of symptoms, they want to find out what is causing the anxiety and then fix that problem.


What Vegans Know That You Don’t

Oxidants are highly unstable compounds because they are missing an electron. They steal an electron from their neighbor, but now the neighbor needs an electron, so it steals one from its neighbor, and so on. When this happens in the body it is called oxidative stress and it’s very damaging to our cells if it’s not stopped.

How do we get the oxidants in the first place?


Is Your Vitamin Supplement Doing More Harm Than Good?

Magnesium is the most highly lacking mineral in our society. It’s not in the soil anymore and the toxins in the environment deplete our minerals. When I say environment I mean the air, water, things we eat, things we touch, and our inner environment in our bodies, but the toxins. Things like heavy metals such as mercury or phthalates and other things like GMO’s or glyphosate that binds to our minerals and deplete them even more. All kinds of things deplete our magnesium including stress. Magnesium is the first thing to be released from our cells when we are stressed. Not just mental stress but physical stress too.