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Travis is not your average trainer, he follows a wholistic approach which covers nutrition and exercise both to help you achieve your goals. He can work around injuries and still make you achieve your goals. He explains how to perform the exercises in a correct way, exercises to avoid for your existing injuries, and more importantly why certain exercises are more beneficial for you. Also, amazing nutrition advise to top it all up.

My goal was to get back into exercise after minor back injury, at the end of my training lower back pain was completely gone because of proper core strengthening and I had dropped 15-20lbs in 7 weeks (19 sessions) by exercising only 3 times a week. Keep in mind his nutrition advise was a major part of weight loss.

It was my first time signing up for a personal trainer and he set the bar so high that I had to reach back to him for recommendations for a personal trainer when I moved away from Edmonton to Calgary. Even if you have to travel an hour or so to go see him, it is well worth it. His passion and dedication for health and fitness of his clients is unmatched by anyone I have seen. Best wishes Travis!


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Harpreet Panesar

Recently, I connected with Travis through an online ad. I was looking to get back into shape. A change in career led me sitting behind a desk for 9 hours, bad eating habits, and finding every excuse to not go to the gym. I had many failed attempts to start going to the gym; like many, I often felt uncomfortable because I wasn’t sure where to start. Travis has really changed my perception towards the gym & the importance of making time for myself. I now look forward to my ‘gym days’ and see it as a opportunity to focus on myself again. With his guidance,  I am confident I will reach my goals.


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Courtney brazeau

I’m a mother of 2 and run a day home, I play soccer and basketball. I have a very busy schedule and my challenge is stress.  I enjoy working out with Travis because he understands me and provides me with a stress relief. So far I’m down 10 pounds!


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Sharon Thomas

I met Travis 5 years ago when I decided to join a gym. I was terrified stepping into a gym. Travis made me feel comfortable and motived me to start my fitness journey . 
Finally today I have the opportunity to have him as a trainer and he has been nothing but supportive and motivating. He has taught so much and I am finally implementing a healthy lifestyle. I know I can trust him because he is a man who lives what he teaches. This is important to me.
Being a single parent with a full time job and trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle is not easy but thAbks to Travis and his support every day I have managed to start this journey. 

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craig jarron

I had come to a crossroads in my life.  Year by year since quitting smoking, i found i was putting on weight to the the tune of 5 – 10 lbs a year. The choices were to get used to being a fat guy or do something about it.  I decided to do something about it.  A friend of mine was training with Travis and i tagged along for a few sessions.  Fast forward a few months and the weight has mostly come off or (bonus) been replaced with muscle.  Travis has taught me how to train properly and safely, how to eat properly (although i still struggle with my lifelong pasta/pizza addiction).  I feel better than i have in years and i look better in my 50’s than i did in my 30’s.  Travis has shown me what i need to do to change my life for the better.  (and a great guy as well, our sessions are the hilites of my week)

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Lisa poudrier

Pushing myself to my potential has made me feel better than I’ve felt in 6 years after battling an illness. Thanks to my personal trainer Travis! I would have never done this without him. I adore him!


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Jaime Sulatyski

I’m 32 years old mother of 2, my son is 4, my daughter is 15 months. I was always fit when I was younger. I was a dancer for almost 15 years. After many years of being a young adult and not taking care of myself, then having 2 kids, my body took the back seat. 
May of this year we had family pictures done. This was my “Oh Hell No!” moment. We received our pictures and I couldn’t believe how I looked. Litterly 24 hrs later fate stepped in. Travis posted on his fb that he was looking for woman in my age bracket ready to make a change. I couldn’t ignore it I had to make the change for me. 
I signed up 11 weeks ago. I took the 10 day detox diet challenge (hardest week of my life!), but this taught me how to eat and eat clean and properly. 
11 weeks, 27lbs, 11 inches total. 
Seriously, I work full time, I have a household, a working husband, a son in preschool, and a toddler. I find the time. It may be 8pm at night, but I find the time. I can do this; you can do this!

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Samantha conolly

 I started with Travis back in June and it has helped me grow into a more strong and confident person. I’ve always had back problems and Travis has helped me gain back the muscle I’ve needed to be comfortable again. I’ve always been someone who hates the gym or didn’t feel confident being there, working out with travis I’ve met some great friends who have become more than a workout partner and we have a blast inside and outside the gym! Loving the results and I look forward to what the future is going to bring! 

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kyle smith

I am 33 years old and I am morbidly obese. I was in Mexico in with my best friend for his wedding when I had my aha moment. I decided at that point that I needed to change my life. I had found Travis on Kijiji and at the time I didn’t know why but something drew me to him. I went for a consult with Travis and I haven’t looked back since. I have been training with Travis since August and I have currently dropped about 150 lb’s and I feel fantastic. I couldn’t have done this with out Travis support and direction. I am proud not only to call Travis my trainer, but also my friend.

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ian Persival

My son is all grown up and I am turning “that age”. I knew what I needed to do but I wasn’t pulling it off by myself. I got a hold of Travis and 3 months later I look better than I did in my 20s, plus I am full of new found energy. Our workouts are fun and full of good information, but Travis pushes me and it’s getting results!

chris thomson

Travis is the bomb. When I came to him, I was out of shape and overweight, and had never really worked out in a gym before. He’s helped me to not only feel comfortable and confident with working out, but because of him I am eating healthy for life and am far better informed about making healthy choices. He’s a load of fun too, and always super positive. His back story is incredible, make sure you ask him about it! I look forward to our sessions and know that if I hadn’t met him, I would have never had the success that I’ve had.

 Fitness Trainer Edmonton

Teresa Bradley

Starting a new chapter, time to get my healthy body back! I know I can with the help of Travis! Travis is amazing at customizing a plan to get results!


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Melissa nguyen

As a mother of 4 I found it hard to find the motivation to improve my Heath and my well being. Travis showed me a way to live a healthy lifestyle that is simple, attainable and effective that fits in with my busy schedule. 
I’m proud to say I reached my goal within 5 weeks thanks to his influence and impact on my long gone enthusiasm. 
He pointed me in the direction that helped me attain my goals and showed me a way to stay motivated to maintain this lifestyle.


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Colleen Dear

I always had something better to do than go to the gym and face my fears of people laughing at me trying to workout. Bear Ass fitness and Travis made me feel safe and taken care of while encouraging me to push myself. Travis helped with setting up a healthy diet and I really looked forward to going to the gym with him.


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Ansa Darwish

One of my friends shared a post on FB for Bear Ass Fitness personal training. I saw that Travis was looking for female clients between 30-45 who wanted to make a change and something about his ad hit me – I knew I needed to take this opportunity. I just turned 30 and have been struggling to find motivation to get back in the gym. I am also notorious for gaining and losing the same 10 pounds. I’ve always struggled with weight and have lost 30 pounds since high school, but can’t seem to get past that. Travis makes works out fun and challenging and he is very supportive! I’ve been working with him for 3 weeks now and already feel so confident and motivated. With Travis’s help, I know I will reach my goal of losing 20 pounds and maintaining it.

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John Carl

I was always fairly fit as I had a very physical job installing drywall 7-8 hours a day. As my business changed and more and more time was spent at my desk or sitting in my truck, that changed. Also my lower back/hip was causing a lot of pain, so not a lot of activity. That went on for a couple of years until finally my doctor determined that my hip needed to be replaced. That led to more couch time.

Then I turned 65 and the realization that if I wanted to start enjoying life and especially be fit enough ride my motorcycles, I needed to do something.

Not having ever spent any time in a gym and not knowing what I should do I started looking for a trainer. Luckily I found Travis’s website, and a couple of e-mails later we met at The Kinsmen Fieldhouse and started a workout program and diet changes that have made a serious improvement in how I feel and am able to move, and even think. Thanks Travis.