About Tendayi Tichiwanhuyi, MSc

Tendayi Profile in Gym

Like honesty and kindness; fitness is a value to me. I started working out to look good but my reasons for exercise evolved and continue to change regularly. It’s an ongoing journey of discovery and transformation, not just on the physical body appearance but also in one’s movement capabilities, mental fortitude and emotional well being. Exercise has taught me to be more disciplined, have self-esteem and self-respect to name a few. Just like seasons that come and go, everyday is different and for that I target to win just one day at a time. When I don’t workout, I can feel something is out of place and when I start back up, balance is restored.
In my 7 years of working as a fitness and movement professional, I have observed in myself and others that the will to move to improve health is vulnerable to decline when life gets in the way. Said differently, we include exercise as a way to get in shape, develop a healthy balance, and feel good, but sticking to that habit of exercise is the main hurdle.

My Personal Training Approach

My main focus is to support and coach people who want to make lasting changes to their health and wellness. I develop people into lifestyle athletes. As athletes, their goals evolve from short term changes and turn into long term transformations where movement becomes a consistent lifestyle habit. From training to look good in the summer, to training towards always staying in shape.

From my experience working with many clients over the years, I recognize that staying motivated and sticking with the program is not easy. That’s why my Motto is ‘one day at a time’, and the aim is ‘get 1% better every day’. Imagine how much % that would be in a couple of months? A couple of years?

Training with me gets exciting because of my unique way of customizing movements to each person and finding what works for everyone. Given my experience working in rehabilitation, clients get to learn safe training habits that promote injury prevention. I also use corrective exercise to fix any other issues so that clients/athletes can train all year round injury-free. You will also learn how to diversify your ‘movement portfolio’ from not only weight lifting in the gym but discovering other activities to include in your routine to make you a well-rounded lifestyle athlete.

My Background

Tendayi, personal trainer in Edmonton, posing in gym

I completed a Masters degree in Kinesiology and Ergonomics at Rhodes University in South Africa. For my research, I focused on how exercise affects mental performance.

In terms of fitness coaching, my area of specialty is functional movement training, a discipline I often describe as ‘training for the lifestyle athlete!’ What is an athlete? Well, an athlete can be described as a person who is trained or skilled to compete in activities that require physical strength, speed, endurance, and many other measures of performance. Imagine training to be better than you used to be and to see the best in yourself always. To be a Lifestyle Athlete!

   We tend to look at fitness as a way to achieve physical body transformations, but if fitness is applied as a consistent lifestyle habit plenty more outcomes could be realized out of it including; self-discipline, self-respect, self-esteem, high self regard, positive body image, positive influence on others, positive energy and vibes always, just to name a few.

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