My Favorite Pre-Workout

I want to tell you about the greatest pre-workout I have ever discovered. First, I am going to bash all other pre-workout crap. The first pre-workout I ever took was ephedrine with caffeine and ASA stack. I quickly got addicted to this stack. There is nothing good for you in this stack; they all have side effects. The ephedrine and caffeine didn’t let me sleep very well and the ephedrine has a history of causing heart problems.  ASA causes leaky gut syndrome among other issues.


The most immediate side effect you will notice with any pre-workout is they all have caffeine or other stimulants that don’t let you sleep as well as you could have. Caffeine has a half life in your body of 8-10 hours and it binds to receptor sites in the brain where adenosine binds. Adenosine is a neuromodulator that knocks you out. It builds up through the day as a by-product of normal metabolism and binds to receptor sites in the brain. Caffeine is very similar in molecular structure to adenosine and binds to those same receptor sites blocking the adenosine making it difficult to fall asleep.


When I took my stack, I was always tired and needed more to keep me going during my workouts which is probably what made it addictive. I tried a multitude of other preworkouts since then and none of them were worth it. The only thing that had any impact was the first time I took NO Explode. It worked well the first time but after that it made me nauseous and kept me awake at night. Then I discovered the good stuff…



My favorite pre-workout is now Brain Octane Oil. I love this stuff. It is just straight C8 oil. Coconut oil has 4 medium chain triglycerides in it. It is 52% C12, and it has C10. it has 5.5% C8, and it has some C6. The number is how long the carbon tail is on each molecule. The C8 is the magical one. C10 and C12 still act more like a long chain fatty acid. C6 will blaze right through you. With C8 you have to start small and work your way up or you’ll get disaster pants with it as well.


C8 will turn into instant ketones in your blood the same way sugar turns to instant energy in your blood. Your body has 2 separate energy systems and the mitochondria in your cells can use sugar or ketones for energy. Ketones will come from fats, and sugars will come from carbohydrates. Sugars burn very quickly with high oxidative stress (this is bad) and ketones last a long time with a low oxidative stress. When I finish my workout I still have energy to play tennis or go for a run and my friends are ready for the hot tub and a meal.


The Brain Octane Oil takes about a half hour to kick in and sometimes I will feel it kick in. Take it in your coffee if you drink coffee or I personally put it in my morning bone broth because I don’t do coffee. If you do drink coffee you can do the Bulletproof Coffee.



Intermittent fasting is gaining popularity and more research is coming out all the time showing positive results. One of the benefits of intermittent fasting is it keeps insulin low. When insulin is low human growth hormone goes up. Usually when people eat in the morning they eat these horrendously high carb meals jacking their insulin and growth hormone disappears. If you skip breakfast growth hormone can go up 400-1200% depending on which book you read.


We know that carbohydrates have a high oxidative stress and we know they jack insulin as well. We know fats burn as ketones and have a low oxidative stress but do you know what fats do to your insulin… Absolutely nothing. Insulin stays low as long as all you have ingested for calories is fat. C8 oil is fat. You can drink a coffee with nothing but fat in it and you will be jacking your growth hormone and have tons of energy. It’s a form of intermittent fasting and works great for weight loss.


I guess I forgot to mention in this article what growth hormone does. 😉 😉 Growth hormone helps to repair the body and shreds fat like crazy. When you intermittent fast for weight loss you can choose either to have nothing with less energy or use Brain Octane Oil for energy and if you like you can add the caffeine as well.



An added bonus is Brain Octane Oil will put you in full ketosis in half an hour. Ketosis is the process of burning fat for energy in the form of ketones. When you are in ketosis your body burns the fat you ingest along with fat off your body and it’s not picky where it gets the fat from. Ketosis is the only way to burn fat off of your body and a ketogenic diet is the only way to have sustained weight loss.


So why did Dave Asprey decide to call it “Brain Octane Oil”? I have never bothered to ask Dave but I’m sure I have a pretty good idea. There are about 10 times more mitochondria in a brain cell then there is in other human body cells. When you use Brain Octane Oil you will sometimes feel it kick in and mental clarity sets in. A Bulletproof Coffee before an exam is the perfect supplement to increase your brain power.


Brain Octane Oil can be used as a weight loss supplement, it can be used as a pre-workout, or it can be used to increase mental clarity. It can also be used simply as a clean burning energy source. It is a fantastic quality product I highly recommend. I get it online but you can get it at health food stores and the organic stores in town. Pricing varies but it is worth it!


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