Eat These 7 Healthy Snacks to Slim Down

These low calorie, protein rich healthy snacks make a huge difference!

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Keep Those Healthy Snacks Nearby

If you pay attention to some healthy snacks and keep them at hand, you can actually use them to get significantly leaner. And no, there are no diet pills that will magically shave pounds off your physique. However, simple yet nutritious healthy foods will go a long way toward staving off hunger and preventing you from gorging at mealtime.

#1: Mixed Nuts

Nuts are great to eat, with different ones having different essential nutrients. They are loaded with good fats, proteins and are exceptionally filling. Grab a handful of those healthy snacks, eat them nice and slow, and you’ll keep your body in fat burning mode. As a result, you’ll be able to coast to your next meal with ease. Stay away from peanuts though; they are actually a bean and are very high in natural toxins.


#2: Fresh Fruits


Basically all fruit makes for great healthy snacks. Fruits tend to get a bad rap with dieters because they say there’s too much sugar. The sugar in fruit is much slower acting than the sugar in grains and has way more nutrients to keep your metabolism high. For this reason, it makes a no brainer for selecting which source of carbs you should be reaching for. The cool thing about fruit is most are really easy to prepare and therefore can be taken with you without hassle. No cooking is necessary. Try to get locally grown, organic fruit if you can.

#3: Prepared Meats

You always need reliable sources of protein and when you’re away from home, it gets hard to find healthy snacks to fulfill the demand.  Keeping on top of preparing meat/seafood at home and bringing a lunch kit becomes imperative. Otherwise, you may end up with bad food choices. Also, protein keeps you full for a longer time. Doing this one thing will save you from consuming a ton of extra calories.

#4: Kale Chips

In 20 minutes or so, you can bake up some delicious chips made from kale that will fill your need for something salty with a nice crunch! As an added perk, they’re low in calories and extra high in nutrients. Kale chips are among some of the most enticing healthy snacks around.

#5: Fresh Veggies

Fresh veggies has to be on this list somewhere. Fresh veggies are rich in nutrients and in high demand by the body. This means that you can eat as much as you want and it just helps with overall health and higher metabolism. This as a result will facilitate fat loss. The more you eat the better; excluding the high starch vegetables such as the potato family, parsnips and plantains. It is advised to avoid these because this practice will assist in cutting back on calories. Finally, vegetables make for excellent healthy snacks since almost all can be eaten raw or prepared and stored easily for later use. 

#6: Boiled Eggs


It doesn’t get a lot more ordinary than boiled eggs, but healthy snacks don’t always have to be exciting. A few boiled eggs pack a solid punch of proteins and will keep your body in fat burning mode. This will eventually lead you faster towards your weight-loss goals. And with some frank’s red hot or tabasco sauce, it’ll have a flavor as satisfying as it is filling. On a side note though, did you know Jalapenos and cayenne pepper in hot sauce increase your metabolism?

#7: Protein Shake

Another healthy snack that will fill you up with fat burning fuel is a simple, classic protein shake. Start with a scoop, or two, of high quality undenatured whey protein powder, and add water and ice. It’s quick, it’s simple and it’s effective. Keep protein powder in your lunch kit ready to go for a back up. It is very low in calories from carbohydrates and delivers a solid dose of proteins, which are the building blocks for muscles. 


More Than Just Healthy Snacks

Remember that fat loss comes as the result of a consistent, challenging exercise routine that’s paired with proper eating habits. You can’t achieve the body of your dreams simply by relying on healthy snacks and a certain diet – exercise is an absolute must. 

Are you exercising regularly? Are you challenging yourself in each workout? Call or email me today if you answered no to either of these questions – and I’ll get you on the fast track to fitness and fat loss.

Plan to Achieve Your Fitness Goals

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