Are Canadians Really That Vain?

Are Canadians Really That Vain?

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I have been doing a survey lately to see how many people know what vitamin D actually does. People know that vitamin D comes from the sun and some people know that most people don’t get enough in North America. People know it’s important and some people even take a supplement of some form. I’ve been asking people for at least a year and only 2 people knew what vitamin D does. It does many things but the main thing I was looking for was that it enables the absorption of calcium.

This little survey opened my eyes to how uneducated people are when it comes to health. I asked a group of people if they thought our Canadian health care system was the best in the world. Most of the people in the room of around 30 thought we had the best health care in the world. That my friends is vanity talking.

Best Health Care In The World

I used to think we had the best health care in the world too. Then I became part of the health care system. I went to EMT school and learned all about how we treat patients and the more I learned the more I thought we had to be the best in the world. I thought it was so cool how different medications work and learned about different surgeries. The Mazankowski Centre is one of the best cardiac hospitals in the world. We had to be the best. All vanity my friends!

After being in the health industry full time for 10 years I learned a lot of the flaws of our system and I just knew we couldn’t be the cream of the crop. I’ve seen other health care systems and have read about other country’s health care systems. I was in a Thai hospital after being bit by a tick and I couldn’t believe the service I got there. It was better than the service at La Ronde!

My Hospitalization In Thailand

The doctor spent about 45 minutes with me. For a tick bite! She didn’t leave my side until she knew I was fully satisfied. She gave me a print out that had information on tick bites and how to take care of myself and she gave me a prescription to prevent Lyme. I got right in with no wait and same with the prescription. The doctor made sure I was set up and if I had anymore questions I was free to come back and ask any time. In Canada you get 7 minutes with the doctor after about a 3 hour wait. The doctor hands you a prescription and you’re out the door.

After I asked people if they thought we were number one I actually looked up where we ranked for our health care system. According to the World Health Organization we are 30th in the world and the Americans are about 35; the system we are trying to mimic.

One Example Of How We Can Improve

People put a lot of faith in our health care system. People say things like “If there is a better way why aren’t we doing it that way?” I can give you an example of why we aren’t doing things the best possible way. 

My friend has a terminal illness and she needs medication. Drug companies bid on the contract to supply her medication and the drug company that supplied her medication didn’t win the bid. Instead, she must use another medication that has many side effects and is making people sick. It might not be the best medication but it’s the one that won the bid. That’s just one example of why our medical system doesn’t necessarily do things the best possible way.

In the medical industry we have protocols. A protocol is law. A protocol will say for this medical issue you treat it with this medication. If you don’t follow protocol you can lose your licence and not be able to practice anymore. Who made the protocol and is it really the best treatment for the patient? I’ll get back to this when I talk about iatrogenic harm.

People Need To Educate Themselves

What I have come to realize is that most people are very uneducated when it comes to taking care of their health. I feel the need to change that. People need to know they can’t rely on their health care system to take care of them. People need to know they can’t rely on their government to protect them. And people need to know that over the counter health care products are designed to take your money.

I tend to bash the health care system a lot but in the grand scheme of things we aren’t that bad. It’s not great, but 30th over all isn’t that bad. We are really good at keeping people alive. Where we go wrong is we don’t educate people on how to take care of themselves and it’s not even allowed in some cases. What I mean is we have to just follow protocol and that’s it.

Then there are tons of marketing for drugs and health care products and it’s the only education people are getting. People are like “Wow, I need that toothpaste!”, and they really believe they are doing something good for themselves with the toxic toothpaste.

Best Health Products

The most commonly recommended multivitamin by doctors is Centrium. Do you know what’s in that? Have you ever checked to see if it’s doing any good? I highly doubt it since you didn’t even know what vitamin D did until I told you. 

Centrium does more harm than good. Don’t take it. They sell it because they are counting on the general public to act like sheep and just keep buying their product. They put the cheapest crap they can in it and put it on the shelf and as long as people keep buying it they will keep selling it.

I will give you one example. Zinc oxide does not get absorbed by the body. It’s bonded to an oxygen and never breaks away from the oxygen. It goes right through you. It makes a great sunscreen by the way. They can tell you there is zinc in the bottle and they aren’t lying to you. Most of what’s a bottle of multivitamins is by-products of other things they manufacture.

If you want a quality product get stuff that’s bonded to an amino acid. It will break away from the amino acid and you will absorb it and use it. It’s called bio-availability. Get it from a reputable source. Make sure it’s toxin free. The stuff off the shelf won’t be toxin free. They aren’t taking those extra steps to make sure it it’s toxin free because they know you’re not looking into it.

Government Protection

People say if it was that toxic my government would ban it. Your government is not protecting you. They aren’t nearly as concerned about health as you might think. That part is up to you.

One example is red dye number 5. It’s a known neurotoxin and it’s banned in a lot of countries. It’s not banned here. Why you ask? Have you ever heard of red dye number 5? Did you know it was a neurotoxin before I told you? People are uneducated, so the government doesn’t feel the need. I was talking to a nurse the other day and she said “Ya, but it’s (red dye number 5) in such minuscule amounts.”

I said, “How much neurotoxin is ok with you to give to your kid?” (it’s in candy)

A Couple More Examples

When people found out lead in fuel was very toxic they protested, and lead was removed. It was replaced with thallium which is also highly toxic, but most experts haven’t even heard that it’s in fuel. There is no protest because people don’t know about it, so the government has no need to step in. It’s in fuel to keep engines quiet by the way.

Another example is aflatoxin. Aflatoxin is a metabolite of mold. It’s in things that can mold so obviously organic type things like grains and coffee. Cows eat grains and the toxin gets in milk. Aflatoxin is also a neurotoxin. It’s a very powerful one. It’s banned in other countries in the parts per billion. Not parts per million but parts per billion. The laws aren’t nearly as strict here, so companies sell their toxin free products in other countries and bring their more toxic products to North America because we don’t know about it.

I know what I talk about is controversial and I hate getting political, but I feel people need to know the truth. The truth is you better not rely on free health care to take care of you. You can’t rely on the government to protect you and you can’t count on health products to do what is right. The food industry is in here somewhere too. I better wait to open that can of worms or we will be here for days.

Iatrogenic Harm

One last thing I feel the need to throw in here is the topic of iatrogenic harm. I have seen many articles claiming that iatrogenic death is the third leading cause of death in America. At first, I thought iatrogenic harm was accidental harm to a patient by healthcare staff and there would be no way it could be the third leading cause of death in America. Then I found out iatrogenic death is simply death due to medical intervention. It could be a mistake that was made or could also be that the treatment a patient gets causes death.

One example would be gastric reflux. 60% of the time gastric reflux is due to low stomach acid. 40% of the time it is due to high stomach acid. There is medication for high stomach acid and that’s what a doctor will prescribe for gastric reflux. The medication will only work 40% of the time. 60% of the time it makes the situation worse. Low stomach acid is fixed with a shot of apple cider vinegar or lemon juice. Reducing your stomach acids reduces your ability to absorb nutrients by the way.

Iatrogenic Death

A very harsh example of iatrogenic death would be treating acne with Accutane. Accutane causes such depression in a lot of patients to the point where some will kill themselves. This is an example of iatrogenic death. It’s death due to medical intervention. I can give you a nearly endless supply of examples of this. It’s the third leading cause of death in America. This is the medical system Canada is trying to mimic. Do you still think we have the best medical system in the world?

There are answers my friends. You have to take care of yourself. Get educated. The medical system we have is free but it’s a service you are not obligated to accept. If there is an emergency and you don’t seek medical attention immediately you’re a fool but do not rely on the medical system to maintain your health. That’s just as foolish. There are many resources available to help maintain your health. Seek them out. Contact me and I can give you many resourses.

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Travis Wade

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Are Canadians Really That Vain?

I have been doing a survey lately to see how many people know what vitamin D actually does. People know that it comes from the sun and some people know that most people don’t get enough in North America. People know it’s important and some people even take a supplement of some form. I’ve been asking people for at least a couple weeks now and only 2 people kind of knew what vitamin D does. It does many things but the main thing I was looking for was that it enables the absorption of calcium.

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