Sunshine, Outdoors, and Everything Great!

Dammit! We only have a few weeks left of summer. We all need to make the most out of this time right now. We have to get outside and enjoy the weather while we still have some nice sunshine! I want to talk about how beneficial the sun is along with nature and being outside in general.


vitamin d

I think everyone knows the sun creates vitamin D for us but I don’t think people realize how important vitamin D is. Vitamin D’s primary role is to develop healthy bones by helping calcium go where it’s needed. Another huge benefit of vitamin D is it reduces depression and prevents diseases like multiple sclerosis, diabetes, certain types of cancer, anxiety, fibromyalgia, arthritis, and osteoporosis. Even though vitamin D is so important it is still the number one nutrient deficiency in North America and if that’s the case then it’s obvious we are suffering more than our southern friends. It’s FREE and it makes you happy!



One of the most important benefits of sunshine is serotonin production. Sunlight to our retina of the eye triggers serotonin production. You’ll have to determine whether you want to wear sunglasses or not. I personally rarely wear sunglasses. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that depicts our mood. Without it people get sad and depressed. There is condition called seasonal affective disorder (SAD) that is a type of depression from a lack of sunlight in the winter and it’s very common.


Another huge benefit of the sun is the infrared rays. People pay lots of money to sit in infrared saunas. The reason why is because they are great for detoxification. You can get infrared rays for free from the sun. Get as much as you can tolerate. You will have to increase your toleration slowly. Try to stay sunburn free to keep your chances of skin cancer low.



Sunscreen might be of use to build up your tolerance. Store bought sunscreen is not recommended. Almost all of them are filled with toxins that prevent vitamin D production and cause cancer. As an EMT we are starting to see allergic reactions to sunscreen more often and every batch is different because the regulations on sunscreen are almost non-existent. If you feel the need for sunscreen here’s a link to homemade sunscreen or you can get some at this link. Olive oil is another option but the problem is trying to get real olive oil. Most olive oil is fake but if you are getting some from Canada, USA, or Australia you will more likely be getting real olive oil due to stricter regulations.


other benefits of the sun

Light therapy is used for skin conditions like psoriasis, acne, and eczema. You can get free light therapy from the sun if you suffer from skin conditions. I find my own skin conditions get better with sunlight exposure. Sunlight also converts cholesterol to much needed hormones; a lack of sunlight will convert hormones to unhealthy cholesterol. Another benefit is sunlight kills bad bacteria and decreases blood pressure. Sunlight also increases your oxygen carrying capacity, improving your sports performance and last but not least, sunlight increases weight loss.



I’m done chatting about the importance of getting as much sun as you can but I still need to tell you about other benefits of getting outside like grounding. Free radicals are electrons. They bounce around and cause damage to our cells. Antioxidants are great because they are a molecule that can give or take an electron and still be stable. Another way of reducing free radicals is to ground yourself. You take off your shoes and socks to have bare skin touching the ground. The ground can give or take electrons as well. It significantly reduces free radicals in the body.  Get outside and take your shoes and socks off in the grass where ever it’s safe; roll around in the grass (with a friend for more great benefits).


essential oils

People are learning more and more about essential oils and the massive benefits. Essential oils are the reason why plants don’t have fungus or bacteria growing on them. Essential oils kill off these harmful pathogens and they can do the same for you. Taking a walk through the river valley or woods you will be breathing in many different types of essential oils. That’s what you are smelling. They will kill off pathogens for you as well. Being outside is great if you’re not feeling well or have some kind of lung infection.


activate the relaxation response

The spiritual side of being out in nature helps with stress and reduces your chances of illness. It’s a great form of meditation if you don’t have headphones on and the noise is just nature. It’s very therapeutic smelling those smells of the woods and beautiful flowers. Take the time to stop and smell the roses.


Last but not least, my favorite topic; exercise. If you are outside chances are you’ll be doing some form of exercise. I don’t think I need to list the benefits of exercise but if I did there wouldn’t be room on the internet.


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