John Kellogg Invented Corn Flakes To Decrease Libido…

I have good news and bad news. The good news is our government has decided to ban trans fats. The bad news is they are giving the food industry until September 15, 2018 to find an alternative. My guess is the food industry will come up with some other plastic type product even more toxic to chuck in our food supply. Hopefully not. Hopefully they use something natural.


Trans Fats

Some people are aware that trans fats are vegetable oils that have been hydrogenated. What that does is it causes the oil to be a solid at room temperature and it extends the shelf life of the fat. This means restaurants don’t have to change out their deep fryer as often and foods made with trans fats will last longer. That’s where the up-side stops.


The negative effects are they increase LDL or bad cholesterol and reduce HDL or the good cholesterol. Trans fats increase triglycerides in the blood which increases system wide inflammation. This combination leads to heart disease and diabetes but also increases your chances of illness from anything.


Until September 15, 2018 we have to watch out for ourselves so we all need to know what to avoid. Trans fats are found in margarine or anything that says hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oil, most packaged foods will have trans fats, the potato chips and all the corn chip type snacks that we all know aren’t healthy, anything deep fried in a restaurant, and most baked goods.


I need to mention here that the negative effects are from the unhealthy fats and not other healthy fats like the fat found in avocados, nuts, coconuts, olive oil, eggs, and grass-fed ghee. These healthy fats do the opposite and reduce LDL while increasing HDL. The cholesterol we intake with saturated fat is also beneficial because that is what our hormones are created from.


Interesterified Fats

The nightmare that is likely going to replace trans fats is called interesterified fats. This might be a new word to some, but these fats have been around for a while. This word can be broken down like this; inter-ester-ified. These fats aren’t trans fats, however, they are fats that have been altered to a fat you won’t find in nature, so they should be called a trans fat. What they do is they mix fats on a molecular level to get the properties they want from the fats. Again, they change the melting point and give it properties that last longer than other fats.


According to pubmed studies on interesterified fats are very difficult to do because there is no policy for food companies to label food with this fat so it’s hard to estimate the consumption of the product and the results from an increase. Having said that you can check out this study that indicates this fat is indeed worse than trans fats. It will be used more once trans fats are phased out and we won’t even be able to tell what products have it in them. My mom always said it’s better to deal with the devil you know than the devil you don’t know. Avoid processed foods!


Cyclic Aldehydes and Acrylamide

One last thing while I’m bashing fats. When you heat up a fat to the point of it smoking you alter the molecular structure. The fat gets oxidized for one, and a couple of substances get created as well; cyclic aldehydes and acrylamide. The oxidization is bad because of the free radicals that age us. The cyclic aldehydes increase LDL and reduce HDL and increase systemic inflammation similar to trans fats or maybe worse. Obviously, this causes heart disease and diabetes as well.


Acrylamide is formed when carbohydrates are fried at high temperatures. This means French fries, potato chips; and doughnuts! Acrylamide is a known neurotoxin and carcinogen and is classified as an extremely hazardous substance. I hate being the barer of bad news and I know how great fried carbohydrates can taste to some. They’re so good they are addictive! You can’t eat just one! So, I can’t end this on a bad note like this…


John Kellogg

To finish I want to tell you an interesting story. John Kellogg invented corn flakes to decrease libido. He was against sexual activity and never consummated his marriage. He adopted all his children. He thought making bland cereal would kill the excitement and reduce libido. Little did he know his invention does actually work to kill libido by significantly reducing the amount of testosterone produced when eating his product or other high glycemic/high carbohydrate foods.


If you eliminate the fried carbohydrates from your diet along with sugar and all the other high glycemic carbohydrates and replace that with healthy saturated fats, (from meat, coconut, eggs, and grass-fed ghee), you will give your body the nutrients it needs to create hormones like testosterone. Cholesterol in our diet is what hormones are made from. This will increase your mood, muscle mass, energy, and help you sleep better among other benefits…


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