Is Coconut Oil Bad For You?

Ok, I am pissed and I have to address this giant issue. My friend sent me an article talking about how coconut oil is bad for you. They have gone way too far! The first thing I need to mention is according to Dr. Mark Hyman, about 50% of the health articles you read will be 100% bullshit. Dr. Mark Hyman says this topic is covered in the New England Journal of Medicine.


As a businessman, what I have noticed is that the more money that is involved the shadier the people. Nice family owned businesses – not too shady. When hundreds of billions of dollars are involved, I can’t imagine the level of shady.  Some people might say I am conspiracy theorist. I think it’s just logical that if you are selling a product that is really bad for people you will have to do some shady things to get people to buy it.


I once heard that if you have to advertise for a food product then it’s not good for you. There are too many doctors telling me that big names like Coca-Cola, Bayer, and other large companies are doing much more than just advertising. For instance, vegetable oil companies are funding The American Heart Association. This is what tipped the bucket for me and set me off.


The American Heart Association printed an article stating that coconut oil is a saturated fat and increases cholesterol therefore causing heart disease. In a study using over 130,000 people the greatest indicator of heart disease wasn’t the amount of LDL or bad cholesterol but the amount of HDL or protective cholesterol. Saturated fats increase HDL which prevents heart disease. Coconut oil is a saturated fat and raises HDL the most out of any saturated fat. Your hormones are created from cholesterol that we eat. Drugs used to lower cholesterol have been found to increase heart disease.  USDA now says there is no upper limit on how much cholesterol you should ingest.


In a study done many years ago to try to support the notion that fat is bad for you, scientists tested 9000 people in a mental hospital. Scientists fed half of them butter increasing their cholesterol and fed the other half vegetable oil decreasing their LDL cholesterol or “bad” cholesterol. The high saturated fat people had higher cholesterol levels and a much less chance of dying. The study didn’t support the hypothesis so the doctor that did the study hid the results in his basement for many years.


The same doctor did another study called, “The Seven Country Study”. He looked at seven countries with high fat diets to see the rate of heart disease. The results were very random but he eliminated the results off his graph that didn’t support his hypothesis. His name was Dr. Ansel Keys and he later came out in the 80’s and apologized for his skewed information.


The last study I want to mention is the PERIMED study. In the PERIMED study, there were 7000 people tested. They either had a high fat diet with olive oil and nuts or a low-fat diet. They stopped the study because the low-fat people were dying.


Now back to The American Heart Association. Why would they print an article bashing coconut oil? Well, like I said they are funded by companies like the vegetable oil companies. If you were in charge of a vegetable oil company and you wanted business to be good could you pay off a company like The American Heart Association? Or am I just a conspiracy theorist?


The sugar industry paid 2 Harvard professors to write articles on how fat is bad for you and sugar is just fine. This happened back in the 50’s. I don’t know how they got caught in their lie or even if they knew they would eventually get caught but they probably didn’t care because for the past 60 years people have been avoiding fat and eating more and more sugar getting more and more unhealthy and fat. According to experts like Dr. Mark Hyman, science is for sale. Apparently, this is a practise that’s been going on for at least 60 years.


I once saw an article my friend showed me that stated how GMOs were just fine too. You know who wrote the article? A journalist. There were no studies just comments like mine about how according to this doctor GMOs are fine. When there is a huge business like Bayer selling GMOs you better be skeptical.


So, is Dr. Mark Hyman lying? Well, he has a practise that is seeing thousands of people get better and there are many more just like him using what is called functional medicine to help people and they are getting amazing results. I read their articles and listen to their summits. Then there are the Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine doctors and even some conventional medicine doctors that all talk the same talk. Are they all wrong and companies that are making hundreds of billions of dollars that are the ones that are right?


My friend’s dad is in Real Estate and he told me how you get rich. He said when it comes down to it what you are doing is you have to rip people off. I am skeptical of large companies because I believe they are doing something shady. Can you pay off a company like The American Heart Association? Their stamp of approval goes on cereal boxes. Food that’s full of sugar which is also genetically modified and grains that have almost no nutrient and lots of calories. Food that if you know anything about food is bad for you. Why is that stamp on cereal? The cereal companies provide funding for The American Heart Association as well. Is science for sale? Of course.


When I took aeronautical engineering our math teacher once said, “We are all prostitutes; it’s just a matter of price”. I believe in integrity in my business and have refused many companies that have offered me to be an affiliate and royalties on sales because I didn’t quite believe in their products. I saw the Tour of Alberta car drive by with Jelly Belly ads on it. I thought that was weird. I wouldn’t advertise candy but I have to wonder if I got offered enough money would I put my stamp of approval on something? I am no prostitute so far and I don’t have much for money either.


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