Gym Etiquette

New year’s resolutioners are at the gym now. We love having you but we need you to help us get through this trying time. The gym is packed and there are unwritten rules of the gym. It’s kinda a cult. Let me fill you in so you can feel at home when you workout. Here’s my top 10 gym etiquette rules.


1.      Put your weights away when you’re done. If you leave the weights on the bar and walk away people think you’re not done yet and someone will be waiting to use that piece of equipment. 10 minutes later someone will take your weights off and start using it but they will be cursing the new year’s resolutioners.


2.      If you need to leave your equipment you can leave your water bottle near the equipment or on it to save it while you are gone. If someone starts using the equipment while you are gone the proper thing to do is to let them know how many sets you have left and ask them if they would like to work in.


3.      My biggest problem with new year’s resolutioners is perfume. People are breathing hard. Please leave the perfume at home and wash your gym clothes. Don’t fart either. Thank you.


4.      Stand back from the dumbbell rack when you do your exercises. People need to grab weights and put them away. You will be in the way if you are right in front of the dumbbell rack.


5.      No curling in the squat rack. The rack is used for heavy compound exercises and they are in high demand at most gyms. Use dumbbells or other barbells but never the squat rack for curls.


6.      Wipe down your equipment after you use it. If there are spray bottles and rags then don’t mist the air with cleaner. People are breathing hard. Spray close to the equipment or straight into the rag or both. You don’t need much.


7.      Wash your hands before and after using the gym. Please.


8.      Watch your moans and groans. If you are loud in the gym everyone thinks you’re a douchebag.


9.      Be careful with your picture taking. Don’t get others in your selfies.


10.   Don’t be a creep. We are men and we have a heart beat. I get it. Don’t get caught staring and never cat call. Give the hot chicks their space. I promise you, if she’s hot, she already feels uncomfortable.





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