Why You Should Be Camping For A Living

I had a long busy shift at my EMS job the other day. I was reminded of the pleasures of having a demanding stressful job full time. For the whole day I was able to put my whole life on the back burner and not worry about my problems and it was fun. I theorized this might be why we live our lives in such high chronic stress mode.

Almost everyone knows what I’m talking about from their own experiences. Unfortunately, living with this high stress day after day causes all kinds of health problems and increases sleep problems. Then people self medicate with caffeine and you throw in some shift work and forget about it.

Lack of sleep is the number one thing that increases stress. Your body wears out really fast. Your body isn’t meant for this chronic state of go go go. Your body was meant for chill out mode and grab food from around you in the form of leaves and berries, fruits and vegetables, kill an animal as needed. It’s a very relaxed lifestyle. It’s like camping or going hunting; pretty cool way to live.

Every once in awhile, there would be the threat of a predator and then the glands would kick in for some cortisol and adrenalin, but not chronically or constantly. All I’m saying is everyone just needs to calm the F down. Try to live everyday like you’re on your weekend retreat to the mountains or Saskatchewan to visit the family and drive the tractor. Not only will you live better and longer, it’s way more fun.

Some things everyone needs in their lives are days off, meditation, as much sunlight as possible, surround yourself with the right people, spend time with friends and family, do things that provide you with a good sense of purpose, get proper exercise daily, and proper nutrition with proper proportions.

 I hope you liked the article. If you did, share it with friends. These are the types of issues I deal with daily with my clients in order to accomplish their fitness goals. I believe in a coach like approach and I help guide my clients to do the things they deem relevant for them and they are seeing really great results. For me the reward is the happiness it creates and seeing the new found confidence in people. WOULD YOU LIKE ME TO PERSONALLY SHOW YOU HOW YOU CAN ACHIEVE YOUR FITNESS GOALS …FOR FREE?



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