Want Better Sleep? Part 1

Sleep is so profoundly important. People seem to be willing to trade it for anything else. We avoid it like we owe it money and it’s the only thing that can heal us. We also seem to want to blame everything else for our health problems. People want to look at food and look for a pill to fix our health problems. Cut it out.

Rule of 3’s – If you’re having trouble falling asleep or you wake up for 30 minutes for 3 nights a week and it happens more than 3 weeks in a row for more than 3 months. This is called Insomnia. 1 in 3 people have insomnia at any given time. That’s about how many people are in bed at any given time??

There are 8-10 types of insomnia associated with all aspects of life. There will be a root cause; your job is to find the cause. Everyone has an individual amount of sleep need, usually 7-9 hours a night. Most people have 5 – 90-minute sleep cycles totaling 7.5 hours with a half hour of fall asleep time. Simple math can determine your bedtime.

Stage 1, stage 2, stage 3, stage 4, back to stage 2, and then into REM. That pattern is approximately 90 minutes and occurs 5 times a night. Your body is primed to sleep at certain times due to your circadian rhythm. Forget about sleeping in; you’ll lose your REM sleep on the back end. Mom was right again; everyone needs a bed time.

Most people don’t prepare for sleep. Most people don’t embrace sleep; they want to avoid it. There is no avoiding it. You need about 8 hours. If you want to over achieve you need to get that 8 hours or you’ll massively under achieve. Everyone needs a sleep preparation ritual. We need to do some form of meditation to activate the relaxation response.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. How you think about sleep affects the way you sleep. The continuous action between the feelings, the actions, and the thoughts keep spiraling. People hate sleep, but know they need it. The negative thoughts produce negative feelings which produce negative actions.

The last 20 minutes before you sleep directly affect your thoughts while you sleep. Use those last 20 minutes to write down 3 things you are grateful for that day and one story. Get the positive emotions in your mind.

The last points I want to touch on are things that are going on internally that make you tired. There are 2 distinct systems for sleep. There is sleep drive and circadian rhythm. First, adenosine is a byproduct of metabolism and as it builds during the day you get tired. That’s your sleep driver. Secondly, your cortisol is high in the morning and decreases through the day. When cortisol is high melatonin is low. Your circadian rhythm, or your internal clock, is primarily run by these 2 hormones.

These are some of the basics of how sleep works and it is a really complicated topic. I could write for days, but I have to get some sleep. I’ll leave you with only three main things to concentrate on for a better sleep. Number one, make sleep a priority. Number two, determine a bedtime depending on when you have to get up and how much sleep you need. Number three, do a nighttime ritual and be sure to include meditation and write down 3 things you are grateful for and one story. The story lets you relive the experience and you fall asleep with positive thoughts.

Next week’s article is going to be part 2 and it will have many more suggestions for better sleep. Practice these suggestions first and if you have any questions feel free to text or call me 780-887-7063.


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