The Shady Business Of GMOs

These are the secrets politicians keep!

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In my last article I wrote about GMOs. This article is a follow up to that article. These next paragraphs are based on an interview I heard with Jeffrey Smith. He passionately talks about the political shadiness that went on regarding GMOs.

The Warnings of GMOs

In the modification process of GMOs you can switch on genes accidentally or introduce higher levels of existing toxins or allergens. This was warned about by the FDA scientists reviewing the technology back in the early 90’s, but the person in charge of policy at the FDA, Michael Taylor was Monsanto’s former attorney.

The FDA was told to promote the fast introduction of GMOs. So, Michael Taylor ignored scientific warnings, and said, “We don’t see a difference between GMOs and non GMOs, therefore, no testing is necessary and no labelling is necessary.”

There has now been laboratory analysis, animal feeding studies, the human experience, the livestock experience, the experience with pets, even epidemiological data, and surveys. The warnings to the FDA were correct, GMOs are in fact dangerous. Putting them on the market was a huge mistake and millions may be suffering as a result.

The Regulation of GMOs

The regulation of GMOs is a facade. The Biotech industry is very good at spinning wherever they can. They tell the world that GMOs are safe, they increase yield, feed the world, and are over regulated. In reality there are GMOs that can be introduced to the world without anyone in the government being notified. The FDA doesn’t require a single safety study. The USDA’s evaluations are quite poor and have been condemned by their own inspector general. The regulation is ridiculous.

It’s a new technology that could theoretically reprogram our genes. It’s called double stranded RNA. Jeffrey Smith has written about it at He was interviewed by The Daily Show about it, and he says it’s quite a clear and present danger that’s fully ignored by the Biotech industry based on their misinterpretation of modern science.

The Farmers and GMOs

These are traits designed for farmers. The herbicide tolerance allows farmers to weed more easily. Instead of spot spraying and walking in the fields weeding by hand, they could simply load up a tractor and spray the whole field with Roundup. It kills the weeds and gets absorbed into the GMOs.

There was one technology with corn known as drought corn and was supposed to withstand drought. The technology was promised for years. It isn’t any better than conventional corn, but because it was promised for so long, they got it approved.

They are valuable to farmers who want to spend less labour costs on weeding, but they don’t feed the world. In fact, they concentrate ownership of the food supply. They focus on monocultures because they eliminate a lot of the other crops. A lot of the other crops are grown in the same field. Biodiversity is the key to feeding the worlds growing population.

In India they genetically engineered cotton to produce the BT toxin. Hundreds of thousands of farmers have faced complete ruin and have turned to borrowing money on the secondary market at huge interest rates at 7% a month. When they are unable to pay back their loans, an enormous number have committed suicide. Over 250,000 BT cotton farmers have committed suicide in India in the last decade. This is well documented and of course the other side tries to ignore it completely and misinform. Jeffrey Smith claims they have the reports, the house to house surveys, the government documents, all showing that BT toxin failure is in fact the cause.

The World Health Organization and GMOs

The World Health Organization have declared and classified glyphosate as a probable carcinogen. They said it definitely causes cancer in animals, it definitely causes mutations in human DNA which can lead to cancer, and in the areas where it is used heavily, the cancer rates have increased. It’s not a definite human carcinogen because there isn’t sufficient research on human clinical trials.

The person that got aspartame approved over the rejection of the FDA was Donald Roosevelt. The FDA asked the justice department to sue GD Serling for falsifying their information about the health dangers and then the lawyer that was prosecuting GD Serling quit his job and joined GD Serling’s law firm. The deputy prosecutor let the statute of limitations run out before he joined GD Serling’s law firm for $400,000/year. Do you see any shady business?

After Michael Taylor worked at the FDA to be in charge of policy, he then returned to Monsanto as their vice president and now he’s back at the FDA. You can’t rely on the FDA; they are pro GMO. They don’t require labelling; we are on our own without government support. Fortunately we can navigate the supermarket and avoid GMOs and with a little more effort avoid Roundup.

I wish you lots of health, love and happiness!

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