Heavy Metal Detoxification

Heavy metals are just one more fn thing to ruin our health and make us fat. However, I do have some good news, but some bad news as well. The bad news is we are all exposed to heavy metal toxicity. The good news is, if you choose to detoxify, you will have much more energy, better ability to gain muscle, and better ability to lose weight. In this article, I will talk about specific heavy metals, how they ruin our lives, and what to do about it.


The Heavy Metals

Mercury is the number one heavy metal toxin that interferes with so many of our metabolic processes and causes so many health issues. A lot of people can’t gain muscle because mercury poisons the enzymes that transport amino acids into the enterocytes (absorptive cells of the small intestine). In other words, people are not effectively able to absorb proteins through the gut lining.


Copper is another one. It will block nutrient receptor sites in the gut to prevent the absorption of nutrients in general. A lot of females and vegans are copper toxic, which is seen a lot with adrenal fatigue.


There’s a whole host of metals that prevent us from having energy which in turn makes us not want to exercise. These metals are called trivalent toxic metals. These include aluminum, arsenic, tin, thallium, cesium, and antimony.


These metals poison enzymes that transport nutrients into our mitochondria.  The mitochondria make our energy (Adenosine Triphosphate or ATP).  If the mitochondria don’t have the raw materials to make ATP, your metabolism is going to suffer and it will cause fatigue. 


Aluminum is found in tap water, deodorant, flour and salts, and cheap cookware in restaurants because they are very disposable. Everyone Wendy Myers (expert in detoxification), has ever tested has had aluminum toxicity without exception. Another one is tin, which is found in tin cans and dental fillings.


Thallium is found in auto exhaust. It’s added to gasoline to prevent knocking in car engines. Petroleum companies used to add lead but there was a big public outcry due to its toxicity and now they use thallium. Not many people know about thallium in gas including a lot of detox experts. Thallium is extremely toxic, and again, all of these prevent the body from producing energy.


Arsenic blocks our ability to lose weight and decreases our energy levels. Arsenic poisons an enzyme that transports triglycerides from fat cells which makes it difficult to lose weight. Arsenic is found in water, pesticides, and conventional chickens because it’s in their antibiotics. Most people that have trouble losing weight have arsenic toxicity, and if you have uranium toxicity, you can’t get rid of your arsenic. Uranium is another big one often found in water and it interferes with blood sugar control.


Estrogenic chemicals

Estrogenic chemicals are one of the biggest problems that interfere with our metabolic function because the more estrogen you produce the more fat you will hold onto. There are so many xenoestrogens in our environment. Xenoestrogens are “foreign” estrogens and can be synthetic or natural like the phytoestrogen found in soybeans.


Some synthetic estrogen mimetics are found in BPA, PCBs, and the number one being phthalates. Phthalates are in everything; fragrances, cosmetics, detergent, personal care products, plastic softeners like your rubber ducky or shower curtain, nail polish, hair spray, plastic bags, microwaveable containers, safety gloves, printing ink, varnish, and paper coatings.



Minerals and metals occupy the same binding sites in the body. When we are deficient in certain minerals we accumulate more heavy metals. For instance, if you don’t eat red meat you will be deficient in zinc. Zinc is used in the body to repair connective tissue like your skin. If there is an absence of zinc your body uses cadmium. Cadmium is a very toxic metal that causes cancer. The body will use cadmium to repair connective tissue and when it’s used to repair arteries it makes the arteries very brittle and hard and that contributes to atherosclerosis and heart disease. 


This happens in many other instances where you have a deficiency in a mineral; a metal will be allowed to accumulate in the body. That’s why mineral supplementation is important. Many people are deficient in calcium and their body will use the calcium from their bones.


Wendy Myers does a hair test to test minerals and correct the mineral imbalance. By detoxifying and re-mineralizing the body, the cellular metabolism will work better making it easier to lose weight and control the blood sugar. Mineral deficiencies and heavy metals reduce your ability to regulate blood sugar. Eventually you will develop type 2 diabetes.


Wendy Myers does 3 different tests for toxins. The first one is a hair mineral analysis to customize a detox for someone. The next is a urine test for more metals and the fecal test tests for even more. Some metals don’t show up in the hair, like thallium.


Everyone’s liver is overloaded; we are accumulating chemicals a lot faster than we can detoxify them. Doctors are taught in school that we have detoxifying organs and they work fine and we are detoxifying all the time. It’s a myth. Our organs can’t keep up.


How to Detox

To start detoxing today, start using BioSil (silica), 6 drops a day in orange juice or pineapple juice; any citric acid juice helps it to absorb better. BioSil (silica), will displace the aluminum, arsenic, tin, and thallium from the bones and the brain and other hard to reach areas to be detoxed. Up to 10 drops a day but that may increase fatigue.


In addition, we need a binder that’s going to bind to all these metals. A citrus pectin – PectaSol-C 5g a day. That will absorb the metals mobilized by the BioSil and other metals as well. It takes about 2 years to remove these heavy metals.


An Infrared sauna is one of the best ways to detox the 100’s of toxins in our bodies and kill off infections by raising the body temperature. Wendy Myers recommends to use one every day for 30 minutes a day for 2-3 years, then at least 2-3 times a week after that to keep the heavy metal toxins low.


Some other supplements that can help detoxify from heavy metals are cilantro extract, N-acetylcysteine, glutathione, sodium R-lipoic acid, curcumin, and garlic. Alkalinisation can help as well. For more information, you can check out Wendy Myers at https://liveto110.com/


I hope you liked the article. If you did, share it with friends. These are the types of issues I deal with daily with my clients in order to accomplish their fitness goals. I believe in a coach like approach and I help guide my clients to do the things they deem relevant for them and they are seeing really great results. For me the reward is the happiness it creates and seeing the new found confidence in people. WOULD YOU LIKE ME TO PERSONALLY SHOW YOU HOW YOU CAN ACHIEVE YOUR FITNESS GOALS …FOR FREE?



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