Life Changing Events Part 2

Last week I was talking about life changing events. We have all had them. An epiphany or paradigm shift or an awakening of sorts. I have had some that really stand out and I feel the need to share them because I believe they can move others in the same way they moved me possibly. Last week I talked about the top 5 death bed regrets and this week I promised I would show you a tool to help decision making become simple. It was from a weekend summit I spent with Ken Larson as the host.


Ken Larson is a highly impactful coach. He has many unforgettable stories and many tools to provide people with to navigate through life. He taught us some of those tools and one of the tools he taught us made a big impact on my life. He taught us how to write out our core values.


The reason writing out your values is such an important exercise to do is that once you write them out decision making becomes really easy. Bad choices become few and far between. This is important if you are running a business but also very important on a personal level as well.


One of the values I realized I have is family is the most important thing to me and when I make a decision family always has to come first no matter what or I will regret my decision. Doing this exercise will cause you to have a lot less regrets as well.


The first step in creating your values is to write down all words that are important to you and here is a list of words I got off the internet to use as a template. You don’t have to use these words, you can use any words you want that are important to you. Take a few days and write down everything you can think of that is important to you.


Acceptance Accomplishment Accountability Accuracy Achievement Adaptability Alertness Altruism Ambition Amusement Assertiveness Attentive Awareness Balance Boldness Bravery Brilliance Calm Candor Capable Careful Certainty Challenge Charity Cleanliness Clear Clever Comfort Commitment Common sense Communication Community Compassion Competence Concentration Confidence Connection Consciousness Consistency Contentment Contribution Control Conviction Cooperation Courage Courtesy Creation Creativity Credibility Curiosity Decisive Decisiveness Dedication Dependability Determination Development Devotion Dignity Discipline Discovery Drive Effectiveness Efficiency Empathy Empower Endurance Energy Enjoyment Enthusiasm Equality Ethical Excellence Experience Giving Exploration Expressive Fairness Family Famous Fearless Feelings Ferocious Fidelity Focus Foresight Fortitude Freedom Friendship Fun Generosity Genius Goodness Grace Gratitude Greatness Growth Happiness Hard work Harmony Health Honesty Honor Hope Humility Imagination Improvement Independence Individuality Innovation Inquisitive Insightful Inspiring Integrity Intelligence Intensity Intuitive Irreverent Joy Justice Kindness Knowledge Lawful Leadership Learning Liberty Logic Love Loyalty Mastery Maturity Meaning Moderation Motivation Openness Optimism Order Organization Originality Passion Patience Peace Performance Persistence Playfulness Poise Potential Power Present Productivity Professionalism Prosperity Purpose Quality Realistic Reason Recognition Recreation Reflective Respect Responsibility Restraint Results-oriented Reverence Rigor Risk Satisfaction Security Self-reliance Selfless Sensitivity Serenity Service Sharing Significance Silence Simplicity Sincerity Skill Skillfulness Smart Solitude Spirit Spirituality Spontaneous Stability Status Stewardship Strength Structure Success Support Surprise Sustainability Talent Teamwork Temperance Thankful Thorough Thoughtful Timeliness Tolerance Toughness Traditional Tranquility Transparency Trust Trustworthy Truth Understanding Uniqueness Unity Valor Victory Vigor Vision Vitality Wealth Welcoming Winning Wisdom Wonder


You can use any of these words or any other words that are important to you and just write them all down. Take your time with this step.


The next step is to group them. Put all the ones that are similar into groups. You might end up with 4 or 5 groups. After that the next step is to pick out one word out of each group that means the most to you. Those words are your values.


Write out the definition of each of those words. Write out what they mean to you. Use the other words in the group in your definitions. You now have your values written out staring you in the face. Your core values don’t change but these values aren’t written in stone either because you might not get them exactly right the first time.  You can change your definitions any time to make them more accurate.


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