How To Increase Your Productivity By 19-37%

I feel the need to share my new year’s resolutions with you because they have had such a huge impact on improving my life! They are some real gooders! Number 5 has had the biggest impact on me but I don’t want to downplay the others.


Now is around the time of year most people give up on their resolutions and I am asking you to take a second shot at them. As I was saying in my last article, review the reason why you made the resolution. There is likely a deep-rooted reason why you want to achieve this goal and you might have to dig a few layers deep to get to that reason. It has to be a powerful enough reason to motivate you to accomplish the goal.


People always fall off the wagon. Most people that quit smoking have attempted many times before becoming successful. Sometimes it’s difficult to stick to a resolution. Don’t give up. Keep at it and if I may I’d like to offer some dandy habits to throw on your list that will increase your happiness and productivity.


I wanted 5 new years resolutions and I came up with 5.


Number one – I want to be more organized and add things to my calendar off of my ToDo list and reduce my ToDo list to less than 5. It is slowly getting smaller. I never thought it would.


Number 2 – I must eat a cruciferous vegetable every day. I guess I haven’t written an article on cruciferous vegetables yet but I will. They deserve their own article but for now all I will say is they are full of nutrients, have low calories, high fibre, and eat as much as you can if you like being lean.


Number 3 – Meditate every day. Meditation reduces stress and allows a person to focus so a person can get much more done. Reducing stress reduces cortisol. Cortisol retains fat around the belly. Meditation is one of the key factors that will increase your productivity by 19-37% according to Shawn Achor, PhD in this Ted talk.


Number 4 – number 4 is also part of the Ted Talk I watched on increasing happiness and productivity. I am very pleased to say that after doing number 3, 4 and 5 I am a much happier and pleasant person. I am really liking myself! Which is why I feel the need to share my resolutions. Number 4 is to write down all my positives of the whole day. Do this before bed because what you are thinking about in the last 20 minutes before you fall asleep is going to be what you dream about. We want pleasant thoughts through the night so we have a great sleep.


Number 5 – this really goes well with number 4. Do one selfless thing every day for someone else. This is a game changer and the most important resolution I have ever made! I do one selfless thing every day before I even start work but I think to myself “Ya, I let that jerk go ahead of me but does that really count?” I am always looking for the opportunity to do another selfless thing all day, every day.


Doing something selfless is where real happiness comes from. I’m one happy camper these days. They have done studies where they give money to people and tell half of them to buy something for themselves and the other half to buy something for someone else. The people doing something for someone else are always the people that are happier. Lots of similar studies have been done with similar results. I personally keep looking for my next positive vibe.


I track all of my resolutions in my nightly journal that is resolution number 4. This allows me to relive the story and holds me accountable. I read the story every morning to start my day off with positive vibes. I am so glad I have decided to do this and I want to encourage everyone that reads this to please give it a try. Shawn Achor says to do it for 21 days and feel the increase in productivity and the increase in your own personal happiness. We are stronger together!


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