New Year’s Resolutions

Are they a good idea? Experts say those that make new year’s resolutions are more likely to achieve goals then those that don’t. I think new year’s resolutions are a great idea! You get a fresh start. We all make mistakes and we all fall off our wagon from time to time. A fresh start to make another attempt at achieving a goal is always good. Like Wayne Gretzky said “100% of shots that don’t get taken don’t go in”.


There are ways to set yourself up for success when making a goal and if you don’t bother doing these easy things then following through with the goal is never going to happen. Don’t make a wish list. Make a “I am cuz I’m Me” list. Take the steps needed to make it happen.


In making a “Smart” goal the most important factor would be the “Relevant” factor. The relevant factor is the deep rooted reason why you want the goal you have in mind. If the reason why isn’t powerful enough then the motivation to accomplish the goal won’t be there. You either find another goal or reassess why you want the goal until you come up with a reason strong enough to motivate you to achieve the goal.


It’s been a couple weeks since we made new year’s resolutions and this is around the time people start to lose sight of their goals. Weekends happen, life happens, whatever happens. It’s time to reassess goals and if you are not accomplishing them then it’s time to look at the “Specific” factor. This is the part where you explain how you are going to achieve the goal; or the plan. Maybe you might need a new plan. Above all remember to not worry about falling off the wagon. Jump back on and keep going!


Ever heard of the 1% rule? If you are going in one direction and you want to be going in the opposite direction you turn 1% and keep going. When you are ready turn another 1%. Keep going and turn another 1% when you can. Keep turning by 1% every time you get a chance and soon you’ll be going in the direction you want to be going.


Lots of times people aren’t in the right frame of mind to make giant leaps in the direction they want but they can use the 1% rule and the closer a person gets to the direction they want the more positive they get. Eventually there might be some giant leaps.


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