Diary Of A 44-Year-Old Man With Abs

Let me start with a little background info first. I am a personal trainer and I have had abs all of my life give or take a time or 2. Recently, I have been eating out a lot and drinking more than usual. I now make my own wine and my house is stocked with wine and cider and leftover beverages from new year’s eve. My abs aren’t as distinct over the last 6 months and now it’s time to get them back.

I have a reasonable amount of stress in my life as I have been learning how to run a business. I have amalgam fillings which I will hopefully get removed soon. I am sure I have dysbiosis (bacteria imbalance in the gut), and I am waiting my results from ubiome.com to see what I have in my gut. I am sure it’s not good because of the skin issues I have; one of which is psoriasis which is an autoimmune disease. Autoimmune diseases are from leaky gut syndrome and dysbiosis causes leaky gut syndrome.

I know how to get abs. I’ve been doing it most of my life. I must tell you it takes discipline or determination or whatever you have inside. There must be a big enough reason for you to want them for you to do what it takes to get them. This is the difference between getting abs and not getting them. My reason is because I have always taken great pride in my abs. I feel like a slob without them. I feel like someone who has let himself go. I feel like someone who doesn’t shower or wash their car. I don’t wash my car by the way.

I need abs or I feel like a fat slob. That’s all the motivation I need. Do you have a big enough reason to motivate yourself to get abs? Here’s my diary:


January 4, 2017

I was getting very low on my prepared meals and was low on my bone broth. I woke up and had eggs for breakfast cooked in leftover garlic butter. The kind of butter I use is grass fed ghee from the organic store or sometimes grass fed butter. This time there was some garlic butter from superstore mixed in because we splurged on lobster the night before.

I hadn’t gone to the gym for a while because of the holidays and the hangover that ensued. I did a legs day with Kyle. It wasn’t much of a workout but it was a win because it was my first workout of the year. I went for double baked wings after at Boston Pizza. I have been eating out a lot lately for a social thing. I got the double baked because I assume the fried wings are fried in trans fats which is something that should just never be consumed by anybody ever.

Just so you know, fat and protein aren’t bad things to eat. Even the saturated fats from meats. The worst part of this meal was likely the added hormones and antibiotics in the chicken. I thought about it after and I should have stuck with just salt and pepper wings. The BBQ had a lot of sugar in that sauce. I won’t order them again. This is a cheat meal. I usually only eat hormone free and antibiotic free meats and no sugar. I try to get grass fed meats from Acme Meats, Real Deal Meats, Down By The River Ranch, or Blue Copper Ranch; I might get free from meat from Superstore in a pinch.

I went to a movie and of course I don’t ever touch any of the junk food they sell in a theatre. When I got home, I ate a little bit of chicken curry. The chicken curry had coconut milk in it with the spices, vegetables, and of course chicken.


Jan 5, 2017

I cooked a bunch of chicken legs and had some for breakfast. I had lots of beef bones in the freezer and put them in 2 huge soup pots. I used Nestle bottled water for the soup stock. I have seen the river that Nestle water comes out of. I want to drink that water! I know the phthalates in the plastic bottle are a xenoestrogen (chemical estrogen mimetic), but it’s the best option I have right now. I put that on to simmer.

For lunch, I ate an avocado some pumpkin seeds and chicken legs. At dinner, I warmed the chicken legs and had another avocado. I was going to a comedy show in a bar and didn’t want to get hungry at the bar.

At the bar, I wasn’t hungry but normally I would have a beer or 2. I drove to discourage any drinking. I didn’t drink anything or eat anything there and I was only tempted a little bit to drink something. I kept my eye on the prize.

After I was a bit hungry and I can’t sleep if I’m hungry so I ate Brussel sprouts, shrimp, and a little chicken curry. Again, the shrimp and Brussel sprouts were cooked in garlic butter.


Jan 6, 2017

I strained the bone broth from the bones and threw away the bones keeping just the broth. I cooled it off in the fridge and when the fat hardened I took my latex gloves and grabbed the fat off the top and threw it away. I warmed the broth and blended a bit of it with a huge bag of spinach. I added a head of cabbage and a little bit of celery and carrots. I should have added garlic and onions. My bone broth looks like green jelly when it’s cooled from all the blended spinach.

I should mention my supplements. I have a multivitamin I order from mercola.com and the top 10 nutrient deficiencies in north America. These are vitamin D3 (in the multi), Omega 3’s in the form of Krill oil with astaxanthin, Calcium with vitamin K2 and D3, vitamin B12 (in the multi), vitamin E (in the multi), vitamin A (in the multi), Iodine (in the multi), Calcium (in the multi), and Iron (I eat so much grass fed hormone and antibiotic free red meat and bone broth I’m worried if I take a supplement I will get too much iron which is just as bad as not getting enough).

I didn’t mention magnesium which is the fourth leading nutrient deficiency and the number one mineral deficiency. I get my magnesium by making banana tea. There is 3 times as much magnesium in the peel of a banana as there is in the fruit. It is loaded with magnesium. I get organic bananas, wash them off, cut the ends off, put a banana in a litre of water, boil it, then steep it for 15 minutes. I make a double batch and put it in the fridge for later. You can add cinnamon and coconut milk to your tea if you like. I do that sometimes; it tastes surprisingly good. Drink this before bed because it might knock you out.

I ate some chicken legs and some of my bone broth. I added a lot of spices to it. Salt, pepper, nutmeg, ginger, thyme, rosemary, basil, oregano, curry powder, cumin, coriander, garam malsala, fennel seed, ground cloves, cayenne pepper, lots of turmeric, and cinnamon. You can add whatever you like. Spices are great antioxidants.

I made a trip to Real Deal Meats and stocked up. I bought all their soup bones, 4 kg of gr. beef, 4 kg of stew beef, 6 dozen eggs, 6 packs of gr. chicken, and 4 top sirloin steaks. When I got home I put everything away and went to meet a friend for dinner. We went to Chop downtown. I thought Chop served hormone free antibiotic free meats. It turned out only the chicken was free from. This will be a cheat meal as well.

I ordered the smoked ribeye steak with vegetables. It came out and it had fried onions for the vegetable with a salty batter on the onions. I ate everything off my plate and some of my friend’s ribs and some of her tomato. I didn’t have a drink but my friend had a beer. Normally I would join her.

We were debating on a desert and I looked down at my full stomach and decided this cheat meal didn’t need a desert. We went to a movie and when I got home I had some of my bone broth and went to bed.


Jan 7, 2017

I had 3 eggs cooked in garlic butter and bone broth with coconut milk in it and some nuts for breakfast. I also had Bulletproof coffee which I don’t do very often. It was just the coffee and not the added fat and it was the decaf. It still made me very irritable and I probably won’t drink it again for a while.

I grabbed a couple of bottles of water and left to the gym. I did a light chest workout then came home and made a steak with some bone broth and coconut milk and an avocado.

I ate canned lobster salad style. I put veganaise, salt, pepper, Dijon mustard, and half an onion in it. I mixed it up and I was only going to eat half of it. I ate it all. I had some more bone broth/coconut milk with it. Before bed I was hungry but forgot about the eggs so I just had some more bone broth/coconut milk before bed.


Jan 8, 2017

I had 3 eggs cooked in garlic butter, some bone broth/coconut milk, and some nuts. I grabbed a couple bottles of water and went to the gym. I did a light deadlift day and came home and cooked the rest of the steaks but ate only one. I had bone broth/coconut milk, an avocado, and broccoli cooked in the cast iron frying pan I cooked the steaks in; it gave the broccoli great flavor.

I put the steaks in a glass container in the fridge along with the leftover bone broth. I put some blueberries on the counter in a glass container to defrost. I took out a big container of bone broth with mixed Thai curry in it that I made a few months ago. I use nothing but glass containers to avoid the phthalates or BPA in plastic containers.

I ate another steak, some more bone broth/coconut milk, blueberries with coconut milk, and banana tea.

I made my own toothpaste today; I do this whenever I’m running low. I used coconut oil, baking soda, and peppermint essential oil.

I feel bloated and fat after every meal. I see myself in the mirror and I hate the extra fat where my abs usually are. When I wake up in the morning or before a meal it still looks like I have abs but after each meal, all I see is fat.

This week wasn’t bad for eating but I must watch my eating out. I was tempted way more than I actually ate out. It’s too easy. I will have to do some really good meal prep to avoid eating out. I am going to slow cook some stew meat for my bone broth. I’ll be sure to add the onions and garlic to it. I think I will make a huge pot of chili as soon as I get a chance as well. Beanless chili and freeze most of it. I will look for recipes I like. You can’t go through all the trouble of meal prep and then eat out instead of eating the prepared meals. I know I will be in the gym more too.





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