10 Reasons Why Bread Is Bad For You

1.      Bromide- binds to thyroid hormone carrier.  This prevents T4 from being converted into the active T3 thyroid hormone. Thyroid hormone is a big part of what depicts your metabolism. Less T3 means a slower metabolism.


2.      Sugar– is one of the products used by the food industry to make food as addictive as humanly possible.  When tested against cocaine, sugar lights up the pleasure centres in the brain four times as much. The fast absorption makes sugar drug like and gives a person a quick high, then a crash.  The end result is fat gain and left feeling tired and wanting more.


3.      Flour- is refined to be higher glycemic index than sugar. It mixes with enzymes in your mouth and turns to glucose right away. This makes flour a great fat gainer. It doesn’t have much nutrient content; anything that will last forever on your shelf is not good.  It is more fattening and possibly more addictive than sugar due to its quicker absorption rate. The average american eats 152 pounds of sugar and 146 pounds of flour a year. This sugar and flour combination is the vast leader causing alzheimer’s. A famous book written on the subject is Grain Brain and a famous movie that is still in production is Bread Head. Click on the link for a trailer.


4.      Yeast- like bacteria of the body you have good bacteria that you want to grow and the bad bacteria to die. Same goes with yeast and unfortunately the bad kind of yeast is in bread.


5.     Gluten– is the protein in bread that makes it stick together and is one of the highest allergens in our food supply. It breaks down the lining of the gut and gets absorbed into the blood. It’s a big molecule that the body doesn’t recognize and your body forms antigens against it. These antigens can’t tell the difference between the protein in your thyroid and the gluten. Your thyroid gets attacked by the same antigens attacking the gluten. This is the main cause of Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. Once again, your thyroid depicts your metabolism.


6.      The number one thing you’re trying to do with food is get the nutrients your body needs.  Bread is very high glycemic and very high calorie with very little other nutrient. It’s a quick fat gainer and takes up room where you could be putting much healthier foods that your body desperately needs.


7.      Glyphosate– Monsanto has gotten to be my biggest nightmare. Their glyphosate is sprayed on grain crops 3 days before they are harvested for quick ripening. Of course it gets in the food.  It is a really good chelator and binds to minerals to clean them off stuff. It binds to minerals in our body and depletes our body of minerals. It causes massive amounts of cancer in animal studies. There have been no human studies, (no volunteers). It’s known to mutate human cells leading to cancer. Wherever glyphosate gets sprayed at the time it gets sprayed cancer and other diseases have increased significantly. We aren’t allowed to call it a carcinogen because there are no human studies. One of the side effects isn’t just the massive increase in diseases but significant weight gain as well.


8.       GMOs– Most grains are GMO which means they are genetically modified to be highly toxic to keep bugs and pathogens and birds away. Natural toxins are increased and others are added. All these toxins massively increase inflamation and disease.


9.      Toxins- It is common to find over twenty different toxins in bread. Toxins like bleach, high fructose corn syrup, mycotoxins, and bacterial toxins.


10.     Phytic acid and wheat fibre. They deplete your body of nutrients. Phytic acid decreases your body’s ability to absorb minerals like zinc, calcium, and iron. The wheat fibre depleats your body from vitamin D which is the highest nutrient deficoency in North America.


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