Is Your Food Produced By A Super Villain?

Last week I wrote an article talking about how 50% of articles written are 100% bullshit. I didn’t mention in that article how many studies are also crap. I have heard about half the studies are also skewed to prove a product. One of my clients is a pediatrician who studied this exact topic while getting her PhD. When I asked her what percentage of studies are false, all she said was, “A lot.” and chuckled.


Any pharmaceutical company can devise a study that proves their new drug is better than anything we’ve ever seen before with 0 side effects. In the last article, I talked about how science is for sale but there are many other reasons why we need to be skeptical when it comes to big businesses making huge bank.


I guess I better go over a few things I mentioned last week then tell you a few more things I have learned over the years of being in the medical industry as an EMT and the personal training industry as well. Last week I mentioned Ansel Keys and his “Seven Country Study”. He just eliminated the data that didn’t support his theory. He did another study that didn’t support his theory and hid the results in his basement for years. Eventually in the 80’s he came out and told the world about his skewed information.


I also mentioned last week that there were 2 Harvard professors that were paid a small amount of money to bash fat in support of sugar. I don’t know how they got caught but it took a long time. One thing I didn’t mention last week was how doctors used to advocate smoking with ads that said they were good for your health – clearly paid for by the tobacco industry who made a fortune. I hope nobody is still on that Titanic.


Another thing people need to be aware of, and it actually kinda pisses me off, is that doctors don’t get a lot of nutrition training in med school. It varies from school to school but I’ve heard doctors tell me they had about 14 hours of nutritional training and others say less. When they tell me that, I have to wonder who wrote the curriculum for their nutrition training. Was it the government? Was is it another organization that would benefit from creating the curriculum? People invested in the pharmaceutical industry or food industry?


When my mom was in the hospital they gave her fruit cocktail and pudding and sandwiches for her diabetic dinner. Mom would never eat that outside the hospital. I told her not to touch that and I would get her something proper to eat. Clearly someone has something to gain by feeding patients this sugary garbage. What the hell, I’ll tell you who… the pharmaceutical companies that produce insulin. If you’re a diabetic eating that junk your going to need some insulin and if you’re healthy eating all that sugar you will soon need insulin too.


Now I’d like to get to the meat of all this. Dr. John Berardi is a co-founder of a company called Precision Nutrition. He teaches nutrition to personal trainers. He sells his courses and markets to me. I’ve never taken his course or any other for that matter. All my information comes from books I’ve read, articles, summits, seminars, and other self taught methods. My biggest influence would by far be functional medicine doctors. I have been studying nutrition for about 25 years.


Before when I said doctors don’t get a lot of nutrition training in med school I was talking about conventional doctors and that’s true. They did studies where they asked doctors and people on the street about nutrition to see who knew more. Guess who knew more about nutrition? Wrong. They both knew about the same and in one study the average person off the street actually knew more.


Now that’s a conventional medicine doctor. A functional medicine doctor learns a whole lot about nutrition. They use nutrition to deal with their patient’s issues. It’s likely the number one way they help their patients. They can make a living out of teaching people how to eat properly to cure what ails them because there is so much skewed information out there. If these doctors are teaching people how to eat properly and each of these doctors are seeing thousands of patients getting better each year I believe they know what they are talking about.


What pissed me off about Dr. John Berardi the most in his latest article to convince me I need to take his course is he down played GMOs and he down played grains which are almost all genetically modified. Now I know why some personal trainers don’t realize how bad GMOs are. I have to start with the GMOs because they have always been my biggest nightmare.


The first thing Dr. Berardi talks about is “Golden Rice”. He mentions that there is a vitamin A shortage in parts of the world that is causing blindness followed by death. “Golden Rice” was genetically modified to have a sufficient amount of vitamin A in the rice to eliminate the problem in the poor areas of these countries. It sounds great in theory but Dr. Berardi says it’s never been used because of activists against GMOs. Wow, GMOs are so great, aren’t they?? GMO activists are such plop-horses. The truth is GMOs are actually banned in many of these countries.


In an animal study, they tested GMOs, glyphosate, and GMOs with glyphosate. According to GMO expert Jeffrey Smith, all 3 caused cancer, tumors, and gross mutations in rats at the same rates. It is very possible that GMOs are the most carcinogenic thing we eat regularly. If you haven’t read my article on GMOs it’s a must. Jeffrey Smith is making another movie about this topic called “The Secret Ingredient”.


Dr. Berardi then downplays the idea of GMOs and says people think there are super villains and crazy laboratories “messing around with people’s food for their own entertainment and/or financial gain”. Does Dr. Berardi realize how much money is involved here?? As a matter of fact Dr. Berardi, it does look a lot like a comic book with a super villain. I have always thought that. There is hundreds of billions of dollars to gain.


And GMOs aren’t our first taste of this as I mentioned before; this is common practice. The more money involved the shadier the people and if you are selling something that is bad for people, you have to do some shady things to get people to buy it. This is an industry dealing in the hundreds of billions of dollars. Yes Dr. Berardi! Just like a villain from Austin Powers with his little finger covering his top lip.


Dr. Berardi says the companies involved are trying to do their best to save lives, fight disease, hunger, and malnutrition and just be all around superheroes in this story. I am not saying everyone involved is an evil scientist trying to take over the world, but now that we are on that topic…


Have you ever heard of Jon Ronson? He studies psychopaths. He claims that 1 in 100 people among us is a psychopath. He says that number drops to 1 in 25 when it comes to CEOs. The reason for this is psychopaths aren’t interested in connection like the rest of us; they want money and power. A few more of their traits are their lack of consciousness, ruthlessness, and manipulation. They are also very smart and cunning. Have you ever met any in person? I had a friend with this personality disorder. Just sayin…


Anyway, Dr. Berardi then talks about genetically modifying microorganisms for medications. Medication is great for emergency purposes only. If you are going to use any of them whether they are genetically modified or not for a chronic issue they will have a side effect. I recommend seeing a functional medicine doctor or maybe a hormone specialist like True Balance who uses bio-identical hormone replacement therapy instead of man made stuff that has side effects. Only use medications when they are absolutely necessary and if genetic engineering is necessary for these medications then keep it coming! But keep it out of the food supply.


I think to myself, “Has Dr. Berardi ever talked to a nutritionist?” He doesn’t show any data or give his resources for his data. Dr. John Berardi believes GMOs are fine. I don’t because functional medicine doctors will have a patient eliminate GMOs and they get better. Doctors like Dr. Joseph Mercola, Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr. Perlmutter, Dr. Josh Axe, Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride, Dr. Rapheal Kellman, and this list can go on for days. Also, every nutritionist I have spoken to doesn’t like GMOs. I talked to an environmental specialist and asked him his opinion. I’ll never forget what he said.


He said, “Show me the data.” What he said he meant was the common belief is that GMOs are bad and get slammed in the media so much. All the producers of GMOs have to do is show us the data that they are fine. Of course, if they show data then we have to ask who did the studies? Who payed for them? How are they affiliated with the producers of GMOs? Too many studies that don’t have a financial conflict of interest show GMOs are causing severe problems for people.


One of the things in Dr. Berardi’s article I liked was his graph showing studies done with financial conflict of interest and studies done with no financial conflict of interest. Of course, the studies with the conflict of interest showed in favor of the company by 83.4% and the studies without a conflict of interest showed in favor of the company by 16.7%. It just proves my point that there really is a lot of studies that have skewed information and many articles are written that you have to question.


Dr. Berardi goes on to say everything has killed someone at some point if you look hard enough. I guess he believes GMOs don’t bother most people very much and that only a few will have any problems with them. I believe there are a few that won’t be bothered by GMOs kind of like that guy that can climb Everest without supplemental oxygen. There’s always one. Maybe there are more but he’s the only one that has tried. Maybe the truth is somewhere between what Dr. Berardi and I believe.


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