What’s That Stuff In Your Food?

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The other day I got together with a doctor from the University of Alberta and had a great conversation. I love the opportunity to talk to brilliant educated people. I always learn a lot in a short period of time. We talked a lot about different studies and the shadiness of getting studies done to prove your side of the argument. She talked about Tim Caulfield who debunks beliefs in science and shows how you can find obscure correlations and evidence in studies to prove your argument no matter what your argument might be. I’ll come back to this point; remember the name Tim Caulfield.


genetically modified organisms

We got on the topic of GMOs brought up by me of course; I always ask about GMOs when I’m talking to a well-educated smart person. I mentioned that there are doctors that use food as medicine and sometimes they take patients off GMOs and the patients get better from just that. She said that’s fine but what else would they be doing or changing besides their intake of GMOs? Are they removing other toxins as well and getting them to eat healthy?


The truth is I can’t see them just removing GMOs without introducing good food. She also said when you remove GMOs you are also removing all packaged foods because they all have GMOs unless otherwise labelled; therefore, you are removing all the toxins in packaged foods and not just GMOs. That was an eye widener/eyebrow lifter.


When I thought about it the truth is there is a lot of data showing GMOs are fine and a lot of data showing GMOs are a massive health hazard. Who is telling the truth? Well when there are hundreds of billions of dollars being made by a GMO company they can afford a lot of studies proving GMOs are fine. That’s a fact. Remember Timothy Caulfield? You can always prove your point. However, on the health food side of the equation there is also a lot of money to be made which makes it questionable who is telling the truth.


I personally choose to believe GMOs are unhealthy. They use toxins to create them that have a health limit put on them and they increase their natural toxins to prevent pathogen attacks. I also don’t trust anyone that makes hundreds of billions of dollars because in my mind their values are not in the right place. Also, that money pays for as many studies as needed to sway anyone’s mind. I’m positive their concern is with money and not the good of people.


The health food doctors are making money as well but not nearly as much and after listening to too many of them speak, they really seem to be concerned with the health of people after a lot of them battled their own health problems and helped so many others with their health problems as well.


So getting back to the point my doctor friend was making, is it GMOs that is the big enemy or is it packaged foods. I’m staying away from GMOs because they are high in known toxins and experts speak very passionately against them. Studies on both sides may be lying and we may never find the truth which in this case would make GMOs the unknown. The unknown is always scary. Having said that, I have no desire to support GMOs just because they are cheaper. They are certainly sprayed with more toxins and some have been modified to have much more natural toxins in them.


packaged foods

Regardless about the GMOs there is no denying that packaged foods are detrimental to our health. Lets just go over a few common things that are in a box of what is typically described by doctors as edible food like substances; also known as boxed or packaged foods.


Monosodium Glutamate – this is an amino acid but not in the form our body wants. Amino acids get converted in different processes in the body for different uses and this form isn’t the form our body likes. MSG is used as a flavor enhancer and according to the FDA MSG is “generally recognized as safe”. In small doses all by itself our bodies might not be harmed in some cases. Having it regularly with the rest of the ingredients in a packaged food I’m sure will be harmful. In some people, even the small doses of MSG will be harmful.


Trans fats – this is a man-made fat used in food to enhance flavor. It is also called hydrogenated. It is considered toxic and has been banned but given an endless amount of time for food companies to faze it out. It is however agreed that it should never be used for human consumption.


High Fructose Corn Syrup – Commercially grown corn is genetically modified. Fructose is a very sweet sugar and therefore the most commonly used sugar to sweeten food. Ever heard of fatty liver disease? It’s caused by high amounts of fructose. Fructose in fruits and vegetables is fine because it is mixed with lots of fibre and nutrients your body needs. Eliminating the good stuff and refining the fructose in high amounts is causing huge problems including obesity, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and the list can go on for days.


Maltose – is a glucose molecule bonded to another glucose molecule. It is as high glycemic index as anything comes. This means it hits your blood stream immediately for an instant rush of energy. It is added to food because the faster something hits the blood stream the more addictive it becomes. Food manufacturers go to extremes to make sure they have the most addictive food on the planet to keep people coming back for more.


Maltodextrin – is a glucose bonded to another glucose bonded to another in a long chain of glucose molecules. Maltodextrin is also as high glycemic index as anything comes. Just to be clear when something is high glycemic index this means it is absorbed very rapidly into the blood and increases insulin as our body’s blood can only hold approximately 3 teaspoons of sugar at any given time. The insulin will store the sugar into muscle and fat cells and energy levels quickly drop after the initial rush. The result is weight gain, fatigue, disease, and addiction.


Natural flavors – this is one of my favorites. “Natural flavors” is code for “toxic waste we don’t want to write on the label because you would never buy this product if you knew what was really in it”. Just google natural flavors.


Artificial sweeteners – more addictive than sugar. Diet foods are more addictive than regular foods. Artificial sweeteners also have other negative effects on the body depending on the sweetener. Some increase insulin and cause diabetes faster than sugar. Some increase appetite which helps explain the addiction. Some destroy your good gut flora which causes weight gain.


Preservatives – they come in all kinds of chemical forms and have all kinds of negative effects. The list is long and I can’t cover all of them and their effects but here are a few. Benzene causes cancer and thyroid issues. High amounts of benzene are created when plastic bottles are heated and when benzoates are combined with vitamin C. Butylated Hydroxyanisole has many aliases and causes cancer and hormone imbalances. Nitrates and nitrites cause cancer and diabetes.


Artificial coloring – some are band in other countries because of their neurotoxicity and others lead to cancer. Kids are the most susceptible because it’s in all their candy and sugary treats including Flintstones multivitamins.


Refined grains – genetically modified. Grains will be refined and have their bran and other nutrients removed so their shelf life will be much longer. They become very high calorie and high glycemic with no nutrient. It’s a lot like adding maltodextrin as a filler.


None of the above should be consumed by humans and the combination becomes very toxic. Most of the above will be derived from something genetically modified among other genetically modified ingredients such as sugar. These ingredients don’t just cause disease but cause quicker aging as well and obesity. Please avoid them and it’s not just me saying that; it’s people much smarter than me with much higher education as well.


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