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10 Reasons Why Bread Is Bad For You


1.      Bromide- binds to thyroid hormone carrier.  This prevents T4 from being converted into the active T3 thyroid hormone. Thyroid hormone is a big part of what depicts your metabolism. Less T3 means a slower metabolism.
2.      Sugar- is one of the products used by the food industry to make food as addictive as possible.  When tested against cocaine, sugar lights up the pleasure centres in the brain four times as much. The fast absorption makes sugar drug like and gives a person a quick high, then a crash.  The end result is fat gain and left feeling tired and wanting more.

The Shady Business of GMOs


These next paragraphs are based on an interview I heard with Jeffrey Smith. Jeffrey attended a seminar many years ago where the speaker explained what GMOs were and how they were made. The speaker also explained the risks and how GMOs were not ready for human consumption. Jeffrey Smith has been fighting a war against GMOs ever since. He passionately talks about the political shadiness that went on regarding GMOs.

Are GMOs Really That Bad?


How a GMO is made is scientists remove a desired gene, or combination of desired genes, out of a specimen and multiply the genes they want. They inject the desired genes into a petri-dish of plant cells and some of those genes make it into the DNA of some of those cells. They clone those plant cells into plants, and now every single cell of the cloned plants has the new desired gene or new gene combination.