How To Create Better Goals

set smart goals

New Year’s resolutions don’t work. Luckily there is a better way to help you achieve your goals.

Did you know you can increase your chances of success by 42% just by writing your goals down? With a proper SMART goal your chances are 64% better. Let me show you how to do a proper SMART goal.

S- Specific – you have to be as specific as possible and explain how your goal is going to be accomplished. It can’t be, “I’m going to lose weight.” It has to be more like, “I am going to lose 35 pounds by hiring a fitness coach and following a proper diet and fitness program.” The more specific the better. Write down times and places if you can. Go into as much detail as you can and add more details when you think of more.

M- Measurable – you have to measure it somehow. In the above case you could measure it with a scale and you have to have a specific amount… 35 pounds.

A- Attainable – you can’t make it too easy or it will get forgotten and you can’t ask for the world either. It has to be achievable and challenging.

set smart goals

R- Relevant – this is the why – and stop focusing on numbers. Running a 10 km is not a goal, losing 20 lbs is not a goal, and benching 325 lbs is not a goal. The goal is the reason behind why you want to do those things. So why do you go to the gym? The why has to be motivating enough to make you want to do this or it won’t get done. If it’s not, then dig deeper into the why. What’s the real reason you want to do this? This is the difference between getting your goal and not getting it.

T- Time – you have to give yourself a deadline or things will get put off.

Try to focus on one goal at a time. Your chances of success with one goal is about 80%. If you have 2 goals at once it decreases to about 25% and if you have 3 goals at once it decreases to about 7%.

Good luck with all your goals in the new year and I hope the year brings you health, love and happiness!

Travis Wade

The only holistic personal trainer in Edmonton