Home Workout Program!

This is a home workout plan with no equipment necessary! Videos explaining every exercise!

at home work out program

by Travis Wade

I want to share a work out program that you can do at home. I keep hearing on social media about people that are gaining weight sitting at home. A little piece of me dies every time I see these comments.

I think this is the perfect time for people to get in the best shape of their life. The hardest part is having the time for meal prep. That problem is solved for most of us. If you would like diet information, sign up for a program, and I will send you diet info as well. I have recipes galore and tons of diet information. This post is about the workout tho.

Most people are likely sitting on the couch with movies or that Tiger King thing separated by trips to the fridge and complaining about getting fat. If your willing to split it up with some exercise, I have a basic full-body program for you to follow.

If the program looks good and you want one designed with your goals in mind, all I need is for you to sign up on this page. You will also get recipes and diet info.

Warm Up Mobilizers

Try to relax your muscles as opposed to trying to force the movement.


There are many variations of this exercise. The idea is to increase the intra-abdominal pressure as high as you can. Each time you breathe out, tense up your abdominal muscles as hard as you can and press your lower back into the floor. Do ten breaths x3.

Wipers With Pillow

You can use a pillow but if you have something heavier that would be even better. Ten on each side x3.

Hip Opener

Fifteen on each side x2.

Front Squat

Do ten x3. But know how to do a squat properly first. Here is a video showing how to do a proper squat.

Push Ups

Do them from your feet if you can. Ten x3.

Single Leg RDL

Try not to rotate the foot out and lift up the hip. Keep both hips at the same level through the movement and keep the foot rotated in. Do ten x3.


Try to squeeze the shoulder blades together, sit with the feet straight out front, and sit up forward as much as you can with a straight back, keeping the hands back. This is an excellent exercise for working the muscles of the shoulder blades, not just the shoulders.

Mid-Trap Squeeze With Press

You’re trying to keep the chest up as high as you can, but don’t lift your head back. Keep your head in alignment. Rotate your elbows low while keeping your hands as high as you can. At the tip of the movement, double down on keeping the hands high off the ground and chest up.

Home Workout Cool Down

The purpose of the cooldown is to re-lengthen the muscles you have just tightened up and to put yourself back into rest and digest mode so you can eat. It isn’t healthy to eat while in fight or flight mode. Inasmuch, if you don’t re-lengthen your muscles, DOMS will be more intense. DOMS- delayed onset muscle soreness. Doing the warm up exercises after each workout is perfect for a full body cool down.

I hope you like the full-body home workout. I hope it gets you off the couch and feeling good. If you want more programs like this, there is an endless supply here.

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