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Is Your Vitamin Supplement Doing More Harm Than Good?


Centrum and Flintstones multivitamins have known toxins in them and do more harm than good. Sodium selenite, for example, is a toxin commonly found in a multivitamin. Centrum is the number one most common brand of multivitamin recommended by doctors. Flintstones multivitamin is the leading children’s multivitamin. Bauer and Pfizer are the pharmaceutical companies making these multivitamins.

How To Increase Brain Function

neurotropic factor

Neural plasticity is the regeneration of new brain cells. You thought that was impossible? No, it’s possible. Neural plasticity requires Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor or BDNF. Intermittent fasting is still fairly new but has been around long enough for some studies that show it increases BDNF by up to 400%.

21 Day Stress Relief Challenge

stress relief

Do as much of this as you can in the next 21 days and see if your stress improves. Got any more to add that works for you? Please let me know. And keep track of everything you do from this challenge in the next 21 days and let me know how it works for you. What’s your stress out of 10 before and after?

The Shady Business of GMOs


These next paragraphs are based on an interview I heard with Jeffrey Smith. Jeffrey attended a seminar many years ago where the speaker explained what GMOs were and how they were made. The speaker also explained the risks and how GMOs were not ready for human consumption. Jeffrey Smith has been fighting a war against GMOs ever since. He passionately talks about the political shadiness that went on regarding GMOs.

Are GMOs Really That Bad?


How a GMO is made is scientists remove a desired gene, or combination of desired genes, out of a specimen and multiply the genes they want. They inject the desired genes into a petri-dish of plant cells and some of those genes make it into the DNA of some of those cells. They clone those plant cells into plants, and now every single cell of the cloned plants has the new desired gene or new gene combination.

Stress Relief

stress relief

Stress can be described using a scenario where say you are walking from your igloo and you see a giant polar bear growling at you. Your heart rate increases, blood pressure goes up, blood vessels expand, muscles are being fed energy from fuels that are being made from stored fats, your respiratory drive goes up, you sweat to keep cool because you’re about to exert yourself, your blood thickens to clot faster than normal, you produce inflammatory chemicals to activate your immune cells to start mobilizing for tissue repair, your attention centre in your brain lights up; it’s a massive change in your system.

Heavy Metal Detoxification

heavy metal toxins

Heavy metals are just one more son of a kitchen health hazard we have to deal with. However, I do have some good news… bad news as well. Because I can’t ask which you want first, I’ll start with the bad. The bad news is we are all exposed to heavy metal toxicity.

Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis – Got A Slow Metabolism?


Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis is the most common thyroid problem and it’s very commonly undiagnosed. Your thyroid is the primary regulator of your metabolism. Hashimoto’s causes less production of thyroid hormone with transient bursts of way too much. The hypothyroid (not enough thyroid hormone), slows your metabolism causing weight gain and the transient surge of hyperthyroid (too much thyroid hormone), causes the anxiety symptoms.

Essential Oils – Want To Fix Your Skin Issues?

essential oils

Essential oils are a volatile organic compound found in plants; it’s the chemical the plant has to ward off bugs, bacteria, infection and disease. Essential oils are the plants immune system and natural healer for the plants. Essential oils are like sharp shooters killing only pathogens and cancer and leaving the good protective bacteria alone.

Soup and The Benefits of the GAPS Diet


Dr. Natasha developed a concept called GAPS; Gut And Psychology Syndrome. GAPS diet heals and seals the gut lining; it normalizes the microbiome and stops the inflammation. Bad bacteria create toxins that go into the bloodstream and cause any number of symptoms depending on the toxin, which in turn depends on the pathogen creating the toxin. Wherever the toxin flows to is where the disease will occur.