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The Warm Up

Heat up the body with your choice of method. If you`re using a cardio machine the intensity should be low and you should have a sweat going for at least a couple minutes before your done. Then I like mobilization to increase the range of motion. Mobilization is a form of dynamic stretching. Never do static stretching before an activity; static stretching (holding stretches) is good for a cool down after your workout.

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A Couple Cool Tricks To Get Abs

What I want to talk about today is the types of exercises that you need to do to get the abs showing and then a couple cool tricks that makes a huge difference. The best exercises to do for weight loss, strength, and for building muscle mass are the same. They are called compound exercises. Basically, you are not isolating muscles like a body builder of the 70’s. You are working as much of your body at once as you can in various powerlifting movements with body building sets, reps, and rest times.

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Want The Secret of Happiness? Read This.

I want to start with the physical properties that create happiness first because without the physical capability of being happy nothing else matters. 70% of our neurotransmitters are created in our gut. Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride is a Russian neuroscientist that noticed all her patients had gut issues and knew the neuro issues had to be related. She studied what we now call the microbiome and created what she calls the GAPS diet to heal the gut. Many doctors have followed suit and agree that it is extremely important to maintain a healthy gut to avoid neuro problems including depression and anxiety. Take care of your crap factory and be happy. I wrote many articles on this subject so please feel free to browse my blog.

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Want To Make A Baby?

I had a consultation the other day with a nice lady that was trying to have a baby with her husband. She mentioned she was having trouble and was going to a fertility clinic. Right away I remember the reasons why people have trouble with conception and spontaneous abortion. Let me explain why here and what can be done about it.

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Your Body Is Like Boots Or Hearts At 38 Years Old

I was talking to a med-school student who showed me a study he said I would be interested in. The study quantified biological aging of 1,037 people from Dunedin, New Zealand. Scientists tracked the pace of aging using 18 biomarkers of different organ systems including pulmonary, periodontal, cardiovascular, renal, hepatic, and immune function. They studied people born in 1972-73 until they were 38 years old with not a lot of big surprises. Of course, people aged at different paces with 28 being the youngest biological age and 61 being the oldest.

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Should You Vaccinate?

I have been posting anti-vaxx articles on F-book. The truth is I am not really antivaccine; I am really just pro-health. I spent 11 years working as an EMT and stomach problems are the most common issue we see coming into the ER. About 50% of those leave the hospital undiagnosed and treated with pain killers. I have seen the overuse of antibiotics on myself and others, the bubble packs full of meds for old people and some not so old people, and the abuse of pain meds.

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My Business Story

I just wanted to share my trials and tribulations with you on how I started out and what I went through to get where I am with my personal training business. I went through so much when I first started I couldn’t believe what was happening at the time. I thought it was a pretty incredible story and I always thought I should write it so here it is.

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Gym Etiquette

New year’s resolutioners are at the gym now. We love having you but we need you to help us get through this trying time. The gym is packed and there are unwritten rules of the gym. It’s kinda a cult. Let me fill you in so you can feel at home when you workout. Here’s my top 10.

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Diary Of A 44-Year-Old Man With Abs

Let me start with a little background info first. I am a personal trainer and I have had abs most of my life give or take a time or 2. Recently, I have been eating out a lot and drinking more than usual. I now make my own wine and my house is stocked with wine and cider and leftover beverages from new year’s eve. My abs went away over the last 6 months and now it’s time to get them back.

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Would You Like A Plan To Achieve Your Fitness Goals?

I have many suggestions and resources to help improve health and fitness. If you are interested in a personal trainer in Edmonton, it would be my pleasure, to give you an opportunity to spend an hour with me to make a plan for your health and fitness. 

I want you to overachieve like you never thought possible. This is an offer that will not be available ever again very soon. I am giving you the opportunity to become someone you and others envy.

Get a Health and Fitness Plan!

What you will get is a 60-minute coaching session one on one with the only holistic personal trainer in Edmonton to make a plan for your health and fitness. You can ask me any questions you want during the coaching session. During this session you will get:

– a plan that’s specific to your needs.

– an exercise plan.

– nutrition advice.

– the exact diet I get all my clients to start with and the resources to enable you to start right away.

– learn what nutrient deficiencies are the most common and what to do about them.

– learn how to bust through all kinds of health and fitness plateaus naturally.

– all kinds of resources where I get my knowledge.

Increase your energy, looks, and physical capabilities to improve your confidence, which spills over into every aspect of your life. Be an overachiever by learning the life hacks overachievers use. Become someone you envy and live a happier more positive lifestyle. Hire the best personal trainer in Edmonton!

I wish you lots of health, love and happiness!

Travis Wade

The only holistic personal trainer in Edmonton.

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