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KETOGENIC DIET; "My Favourite Weight Loss Diet"

KETOGENIC DIET; My Favorite Weight Loss Diet

There’s the counting calories method, the cutting out allergens method, all kinds of gimmicky brand name methods, the detox method, the intermittent fasting method, the graze all day (small meals many times a day), method. Holy crap there’s a lot of methods! My favorite? The keto-diet or ketogenic diet. Sit back, you’re going to want to hear this.

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cheat meal

How To Cheat A Cheat Meal

We all need a cheat meal even if it’s just for the sake of enjoying ourselves. Sometimes the cheat meal is necessary however to level off hormones. What ever the case might be here are my suggestions on how to indulge as much as you want while having the least amount of weight gain.

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how to increase strength

Super Strength Tips

Strength comes from learning to use the power within. Following are a few extremely effective tips for instantly increasing your strength:

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Would You Like A Plan To Achieve Your Fitness Goals?

I have many suggestions and resources to help improve health and fitness. If you are interested in a personal trainer in Edmonton, it would be my pleasure, to give you an opportunity to spend an hour with me to make a plan for your health and fitness. 

I want you to overachieve like you never thought possible. This is an offer that will not be available ever again very soon. I am giving you the opportunity to become someone you and others envy.

Get a Health and Fitness Plan!

What you will get is a 60-minute coaching session one on one with the only holistic personal trainer in Edmonton to make a plan for your health and fitness. You can ask me any questions you want during the coaching session. During this session you will get:

– a plan that’s specific to your needs.

– an exercise plan.

– nutrition advice.

– the exact diet I get all my clients to start with and the resources to enable you to start right away.

– learn what nutrient deficiencies are the most common and what to do about them.

– learn how to bust through all kinds of health and fitness plateaus naturally.

– all kinds of resources where I get my knowledge.

Increase your energy, looks, and physical capabilities to improve your confidence, which spills over into every aspect of your life. Be an overachiever by learning the life hacks overachievers use. Become someone you envy and live a happier more positive lifestyle. Hire the best personal trainer in Edmonton!

I wish you lots of health, love and happiness!

Travis Wade

The only holistic personal trainer in Edmonton.

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