5 Ways to Achieve Significant Weight Loss In Days

Right now most people looking to lose weight are experiencing major problems in their weight loss journey. According to the Heart and Stroke Foundation, a survey of almost 2,000 Canadians found that 62% reported intentionally losing five or more pounds over the past five years but failed to keep the weight off. And 70% of those who were overweight or obese regained all or even more pounds after their weight-loss efforts.

This is due to a multitude of factors. First, the food industry spends millions of dollars making food as highly addictive as humanly possible; and they are succeeding. Second, a lot of diets aren’t promoting healthy eating to induce higher metabolism and make eating more enjoyable instead of miserable. Third, a lot of people want to avoid exercise because it is seen as work or difficult.

If you are like most women looking to lose weight, you have probably spent money on fads like detoxes, diet pills, or some other brand name weight loss diet and maybe even some exercise equipment. These types of methods may work short term, only to put the weight back on and then another method is attempted with the same result. I hate seeing people spending their money on these gimmicks.

In Canada, 39% said they followed a diet that restricted certain foods or food groups, 31% used meal replacement bars or shakes, 23% used weight-loss supplements or herbs, and 21% tried fasting.

According to the Heart and Stroke Foundation’s weight survey, young Canadians represent the largest percentage of all age groups who spend the most amount of money in their attempt to lose weight.  Fifty percent of overweight people 20 to 39 report paying for their weight loss efforts, such as club or gym fees, special diet foods or supplements. Almost half (42%) spent $500 or more. However, older adults aren’t far behind: among those 40 to 69, about a third report buying fitness equipment and other items. In total, almost four out of every 10 people who try to lose weight report spending money to do so. 

Nine out of 10 reported there was no person or resource to help them maintain their weight loss. Without support, six out of 10 people who are obese regain at least some weight and another three out of 10 regain all of it or even gain more.

This means that for most people the effort and money being spent on weight loss without proper support has little or no effect on weight loss and in some cases makes the situation worse.

Despite these setbacks across the industry, some women looking to lose weight are achieving remarkable success while finding more enjoyment and fulfillment out of life.

No matter how overweight you are, or how difficult it is for you to lose weight, you can achieve your goals and have your dream body …using the little known but effective techniques I’ll be showing you in this document.

Imagine how motivating it would be to lose 12 lbs. in 10 days while improving your energy and health. That’s exactly what happened with my friend Jaime Sulatisky when she started her weight loss journey and took her weight down 35lbs in 12 short weeks. And Jaime isn’t the only one having this kind of success. I keep seeing this happen for many people over and over and they tell me they have never seen results like this before.

And I am not the only one seeing people get these kinds of results with the methods I’m about to discuss. According to Dr. Hyman the average weight loss he sees in the first 10 days is on average 8.88 lbs. in just 10 days!

That’s right. And according to Dr. Hyman success is massively increased when you have someone or a group to be accountable to. Do you think having someone or a group to be accountable to would help you?

How would you feel if you lost around 10 lbs. in 10 days? Would you be motivated to continue the trend?

Here are five ways you can do it immediately.

Step 1

Follow a healthy diet full of nutrients to speed up metabolism that you’ll enjoy. The key to this success is to find a healthy diet that works for you. Preferably, the one that works for you will be healthy and consist of fresh fruits and vegetables, meats and seafood, and healthy fats. Some supplements like a high quality multivitamin and omega 3’s are beneficial too.

Step 2

Getting rid of all the bad foods that cause illness and obesity. We are talking about addictions, allergens, and toxins. I know it sounds horrible, and strange to think, but in only 10 days your body switches addictions from all the bad stuff to becoming addicted to healthy stuff. It really only takes 10 days if it’s done right!

Step 3

Finding a type of exercise that you look forward to or at least something during the exercise to look forward to like the company of a good personal trainer or training partner. There are more effective types of exercise but the most important aspect is to like what you are doing so you’ll stick with it. It should be easy to see the help of a personal trainer would be very beneficial, especially in the beginning stages for effectiveness, but more importantly to avoid injury.

Step 4

Having an accountability group or person. This can be a group of friends doing the same thing as you or a personal trainer. If you pick a personal trainer pick one with a great personality that’s in shape. The ones that aren’t in shape clearly don’t walk the talk and likely do not know the best methods to achieve results. They have to have a great personality so you look forward to your time with them; this is crucial.

Step 5

Dealing with obstacles as they come up. Sometimes there are health issues that come into play. You’ll need to know how to deal with these problems as they come up and if you don’t know how, you’ll need the help of a professional that does know how.

As you read these five steps and envision yourself doing them, let me ask you a question… How do you think you would feel and look like if you actually did all this stuff? Do you want to find out? Click Here.

Travis Wade